10 Basic Principles of Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette

You’re standing outside enjoying your vape. Don’t be that guy. You know, the one who blows thick vapor clouds in the faces of everyone passing by without even noticing that he’s doing it.

Keeping your clouds in your personal circle and out of others’ space is just one of many unspoken rules of vaping. Though it seems small, this principle and the others listed here will help ensure that your vaping experience doesn’t impede upon others.

Do people hate vapers? Surprisingly, as more and more municipalities are implementing anti-vaping legislation, the popularity and public acceptance of vaping is increasing. So if you’re a big-time fan of all things vapor, don’t let the social uncertainties deter you from chasing big clouds. One of the ways you can help contribute to an even better overall perception of vape culture is by following these suggestions.

  1. Vape Outside, Unless You’re at Home — Even though we all agree that vaping is much more enjoyable — and less risky — than smoking, for the time being we still have to treat it as regular smoking. Unless you have the express consent of the home- or business-owner, don’t vape indoors. Some people are sensitive to certain smells or may not want their space filled up with vapor. Only vape inside where it’s legal and permitted.
  2. Keep Your Clouds to Yourself — Because many people are particularly sensitive to smoke, vapor and smells, you want to make sure that you never blow your vapor clouds into the faces of others. The best way to avoid this? Unless you’re surrounded by fellow vapers who have expressed that they don’t mind, vape several feet away from other people standing in your general vicinity.
  3. When in Doubt, Ask for Permission — Not sure whether people in your social situation are down with the vape? The best rule is simply to ask. You never know who might be particularly bothered by the vapor and who might actually enjoy it. Whether it’s somewhere you would assume it would be acceptable — like the patio at a bar, for example — or someplace where it’s clearly off-limits, always make sure to ask if you aren’t clear on whether vaping is permitted.
  4. Always Follow the Rules — We’ve all been tempted to pull the “stealth” vape, aka the sneak away and vape in the corner Taking a quick pull from your vape or e-cigarette in the middle of an off-limits area seems relatively low-risk, especially compared with sneak hits of tobacco or marijuana — but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a good idea. The reason for this is that, when you bend the rules, you risk ruining vaping for everyone else. Make sure you’re aware of the vape laws in your state before you bust out your vape or e-cig in public.
  5. Don’t Vape Where You Eat — Everybody loves a sweet fruity or vanilla aroma wafting around the dining room, but only if it’s coming from the kitchen. Introducing outside smells or visuals into a dining area is never a good idea unless you’re the chef. It’s generally good practice to keep your vaping out of areas where people eat.
  6. When Sharing, Keep it Sanitary — Offering a pull of your vape to your close friends isn’t a huge deal, but if you’re a vapor enthusiast (welcome to the club) and want to share the love on the regular, make sure you do it in a way that’s hygienic. You can purchase low-cost disposable silicone drip tips, otherwise known as “cover buddies” or mouthpiece covers, that you can use to shield your mouthpiece from germs.
  7. Thou Shalt Not Judge Others — We all know you own the coolest vape and the best e-liquids on the market. But just because you’re a high-brow vaper doesn’t mean everyone has to be. Think of vaping as one’s own personal experience — you do not have to share every opinion and preference in common with every other vaper. Allow others to have their own experiences, preferences and opinions, and demand the same respect yourself. Try not to be pushy.
  8. Know Your Facts and Educate Others — While practicing non-judgment is good, be sure that you’re up on the latest vape facts. Don’t spew hyperbolic or stretched facts (e.g., “vaping is as healthy as going on a jog”) but instead focus on the promising, new evidence reinforcing the safety of vaping. Having a few solid facts and figures such as this on hand is great when discussing vaping with newbies and naysayers.
  9. Don’t Vape in the Middle of a Crowd — It should go without saying, but avoid vaping when you’re in the middle of Times Square, a crowded concert or a full elevator. In fact, let’s take this one a few steps further — don’t do anything that’s heavy on the clouds or aromas in the middle of a big group. It can be alarming to some and it might trigger those who are particularly sensitive to smells or have allergies.
  10. Don’t Argue with the Rule-Makers — Trust us, we’re with you: Vaping isn’t smoking and it shouldn’t be treated as smoking! Still, as public acceptance grows and society begins to better understand vaping culture, we should do our best to politely and quietly follow rules without making a big fuss to the rule-makers.

Don’t Ruin it for the Rest of Us

You know what they say: One bad apple-flavored e-juice spoils the whole bunch. Seriously, though, at the end of the day, the reason we follow vaping rules is because we want the culture to forge and maintain a positive image. The last thing many of us want is to have to go back to the days of tobacco smoking, where we felt ostracized, judged and disliked. As vaping becomes more and more widely accepted and common in social scenarios, let’s all help keep it a positive experience by following these few vaping rules.

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