10 Most Popular E-liquid Flavors Used by Vapers

10 Most Popular E-liquid Flavors Used by Vapers

Sometimes a visit to your vaping shop could turn into a nightmare – it is simply impossible to choose the right e-liquid flavor for you if there are thousands and thousands of them.

If it is a daunting task also for you, we might help you out here. Below you will find data from a survey which will help you get an impression about what kinds of e-liquids are the most popular in the vaping community.

10 Most Popular E-liquid Flavors Used by Vapers

Fruit: Market share – 30%

It’s probably not a surprise that fruit taste is one of the most popular e-liquid flavors. Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh and juicy fruit? It covers a lot of e-juices, for example: orange, cherry, strawberry, pineapple, apple, mango etc.

Tobacco: Market share – 22%

Our guess is that the majority of vapers who prefer tobacco e-liquids are doing their best to quit smoking once for all. It’s the closest one for real cigarettes. Also, some people just love the flavor of tobacco so they prefer to use an e-liquid which closely resembles it.

Dessert/Bakery: Market share – 19%

Who doesn’t love Yummy Gummy, ice-cream, chocolate and other sweets? It is now possible to enjoy these treats without damaging your teeth and gaining fat – isn’t that wonderful?

Mint, Mint Tobacco, Candy, Spicy, Bevarages & Other: Market share – 29%

These flavors are not so popular as the other e-liquids mentioned above. But it’s great that we have a lot of e-liquid flavors to choose from – from the freshest one to the spiciest or sweetest ones.

Most Popular E-liquid Flavors

The offer in the e-liquid market is surprisingly big already. It’s even hard to imagine more blends and tastes of e-liquid flavors, and it might be difficult to choose the right product for you. Therefore I prefer to get at least 3 to 5 flavors each time I purchase them and then vary as I like to.

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From my experience, I can’t vape Dessert or Fruit flavors for too long. They are too strong and sweet for my personal preference, and they get boring in long-term. I prefer Mint or Mint Tobaco juices. However, my friend is chasing clouds of vapor with Dessert and Tobacco flavors all day long.

The flavor, of course, is not the only important factor to consider when choosing a new e-liquid – things like nicotine content, liquid base content (PG/VG) and other additives that might be used in it are as much as important. Finally, don’t forget to double-check the volume of the chosen e-liquid container (this is especially important when ordering online), and don’t be lazy to read the instructions of use & any warnings on the label – especially if you are new to vaping.

We know that E-Liquid flavors are less than E-Liquid brands. Here you can read Cheap vs Expensive E-Liquid: What to Choose?

And what about you? Specify which is your favorite e-liquid flavor in the poll below!

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