13 E-liquid Flavors For Your Vape: Newbie’s Guide

Vaping has become popular as an alternative to smoking. In the US alone, one in almost 20 people vape. It is believed to be a new way to tickle your senses without leaning towards the dangerous side. If you are planning to vape for the first time, it would be better to stick with flavors that resemble your favorite foods, beverages, and whatnot. Be like a young child who finds himself in a candy shop. Enjoy what is being offered to you.

When it comes to beginners, the vape juice flavor options that work well with them are usually sweeter ones, such as desserts, fruits, and candy flavors. Here are some expert recommendations on the best premium vape juice flavors for vaping beginners:


Dessert-flavored e-liquids can work well for both beginners and seasoned vapers. This is mainly because of their delectable taste. You can find various options such as strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookie, lemon glaze, and others. They are more suitable for casual vapers. These flavors normally don’t come in high nicotine levels. They linger between 3 mg and 6 mg since a strong hit of nicotine does not bid well with sweet flavors.


When it comes to beginner-friendly juice flavors, strawberry often ends up on top of the list. There are good reasons why this is so. These are highly popular for having that sweet and fruity flavor with that distinctive aroma that stands out from the rest. This flavor is also flexible enough to be easily mixed with other flavors, which makes it easy for you to experiment.


If you are after refreshing vape juice, you can never go wrong with the watermelon-flavored e-liquid. The e-liquid flavor is great for beginner vapers. You can have the iconic refreshing summer fruit that enriches your vapor with the red sliced watermelon smell with a juicy sensation. It can be easily combined with other fruity flavors like strawberry giving you a watermelon-strawberry-flavored vape juice.

Hot Coffee

If you like tobacco, you’ll likely love a coffee-flavored vape juice too. You can actually recreate the classic tobacco and coffee combo by starting with the coffee e-liquid. You can look for one that freshly roasted beans and milk or a comfy creamy latter-flavored e-juice. It has a genuinely gorgeous sweetness to it combined with newly steamed milk.

Berry Cereal

Most vapers would agree that among all vape juice recipes, this is one of the most versatile. It combines with other cereals resulting in various delicious cereal combinations. If you love cereals, this is one of the most good-tasting cereal flavors you have to try.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Due to the unique mix of lemony and sweet flavors, the lemon meringue pie will certainly end up on the list of the best-tasting e-liquids for beginners. This can be added to creams to make the taste more heavenly, rich, and creamy, yet one that will not overwhelm you.


This will let you enjoy a candy twist to any e-juice flavor you like. With marshmallows in your collection, you can come up with some unique flavors without too much of a fuss. Because it has a fluffy texture, it can be easy-going for your senses even if you are only a beginner in the vaping method.

Menthol Tobacco

This e-juice flavor is considered one of the classic and most popular e-juice flavors that you can find in a wide variety. It gives you that cool blast of menthol, leaving that ice-cold sensation when you draw the vapor.


This e-juice flavor is a must-try for every beginner. Always in pure form, the vanilla e-juice flavor is well-loved for its creamy sweet taste. This can be easily combined with other flavors, giving you that exotic spicy aroma that makes your vaping experience one of a kind.


This is for those who used to have cigarettes and coffee for breakfast. This e-juice has this bold espresso punch, which can make for a good start to your day. This e-juice flavor is caffeine-free, which gives you the chance to truly enjoy the great-tasting aroma of coffee without losing sleep.

Mango Cream Dream

Fruity e-liquid flavors are highly popular, but some of them can be too sweet so you have to choose wisely. However, you can never go wrong with the tropical taste of ripe mango. It has a delectable aroma with a delicate and soft finish. You will certainly love the sumptuous taste of mangoes mixed with smooth vanilla cream.

Choco Peppermint

Choco mint is the go-to flavor if you want a throat hit with a highly distinct flavor with a taste that explodes like a bomb. This is the greatest means to enjoy that sweet and creamy chocolate taste with a freshened sensation from peppermint that leaves a trail of cool menthol on your tongue.

Sweet Cream

For those who love milkshakes, the sweet cream e-juice flavor is a must-have. It won’t fail to give you that creamy feel and it can be easily mixed with other fruity flavors you love.

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