5 Must-have accessories for vapers

There are numerous ways of vaping options, and the vaping style, accessories, and liquid are very personal experiences. Vape accessories are becoming popular around the globe. Everyone’s device preference is unique, depending on the vape juices they choose. Some prefer traditional vape juices like menthol and tobacco, while others like to have it with dessert, candy, and fruit. It is an investment for the long term. Since there are so many options for flavors and vaping accessories, it is a bit confusing to which accessory to buy. Here are the five must-have accessories to consider for vaping.

  1. Vape Tanks

Once you have decided on the flavor of the vape and have a good reliable battery, you must consider buying a vape tank. Vape tank includes a reservoir for storing additional vape juice and a coil for firing and creating vapor. Selecting the right vape tank makes a massive difference in your vaping experience. Typically, vape tanks come in materials like glass, pyrex, or metals like stainless steel. Your vape tank should be compatible with your vaping device. Some vaping device brands only allow their brand’s vape tanks to be compatible with their devices. Buy a good quality vape tank which has a capacity of holding at least 6mL of vape juice that will last longer. The coil type of your vape tank decides your result. If you are looking for flavor, then mouth to lung coils will do the best. But if you are looking for cloud-size plumes of vapor, then increased airflow and sub-ohm will give you big clouds. You can also control the airflow as it has a feature of controlling airflow inlet directly. Altogether it offers a comfortable, smooth vaping affair. So, if you don’t have one, then consider having one of these.

  1. Drip Tips

Vaping is an art that is so versatile that you can modify your vaping kit by adding cool vaping accessories. To make your experience according to your taste, try adding different types of drip tips(mouthpieces). A drip tip is an empty mouthpiece that is available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common materials used for making drip tips are metal, plastic, wood, and ceramic. Their design makes sure that your mouth is comfortable while vaping, and they are available in a range of colors. Pour the e-liquid into the atomizer through the drip tips to enjoy a clean and crisp vapor. The atomizer is below the drip tip, which allows the flow of juice directly onto the heating coil. You should pour the liquid through the drip tip carefully. If you add little liquid or delay the pouring process, the liquid may burn and give a harsh taste. On the other hand, if you pour the liquid too soon or too much, the liquid can overflow. Other features of drip tips are the high amount of customization, the enhanced flavor, and bigger vapor. Do not use cheap quality drip tips, as they are not heat resistant, and overuse of vaporizer can burn your lips. Drip tips are popular among cloud chasers, people who compete at creating the biggest plumes of vapor.

  1. Vape Batteries and Chargers

Must-have accessories for vapers

One of the essential accessories in any vapers kit is the vape battery and vape battery charger. Batteries are available in different sizes like 20700, 21700, and the basic  18650. The battery charger must be compatible for charging a variety of cells, easy to use, and must-have safety feature to avoid short circuits. Users can charge their USB compatible devices using an external USB port with a battery in the second slot. Some chargers come with an LCD screen that gives information on the present mode of charging and notifies when it has finished charging. Some chargers are very durable and sturdy and come enclosed in ABS plastic that makes them fire-resistant.

  1. Fill-It-Yourself Kit

Everyone likes to have control over their vaping oil by mixing and matching the oils. With the fill-it-yourself kit, you can create your oil cartridge. It is a must-have accessory for someone who is a connoisseur at vaping. It is the best accessory for DIY concentrated vapers and wax. The kit contains a 10ml bottle of propylene glycol mixer where the concentrate vapors and oil mix. It comes with accessories like blunt-nosed syringes, spatula for mixing, and glass containers fitted in a case that zips up securely for carrying.

  1. The metal pocket grinder card

You can grind weed in many ways. You can either grind it manually or use an electric grinder or use a weed grinder card. This polished metal card is sharp, sturdy, and has protruding holes drilled into it’s middle and base. The dimensions of the card grinder are similar to a credit card, and so it fits into any wallet. It is easy to access, portable, easy to clean and can grind any large or small bud suitable to your experience. Though this accessory does not get a lot of attention, it is a very efficient vaping accessory. It grates just like a cheese grater and depending on the size of the holes, you can decide or how fine or coarse you want. The case in which it comes is odor-proof and is best for filling your dry herb vape pen. While buying a pocket grinder, make sure to select a sturdy one. Some grinder cards are very flimsy, and though they store well in the wallet, they mash the bud off instead of grinding it.


There are so many options for vape accessories for you to choose from. They offer customization in your vaping style to suit your mood. The more you experiment with vape pens, tanks, and other kits, the more you will get to know which one suits you. Before deciding on buying any vaping accessory, do your research first to see what you are looking for and whether the product you are choosing gives you the desired results. Carrying cases, battery chargers, and adapters are other few essential items to include in your must-haves. Also, remember to change the atomizer coil when you experience a different taste and performance of your atomizer. The burnt taste will become more apparent when the coil begins to burn, and it can spoil your vaping experience. Customize the liquids using a Fill-it-Yourself kit and have rich vaping experience.

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Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

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