5 Useful Tips About Vaping in the Car

Tips About Vaping in the Car

Let’s be clear here: vaping while driving is not advisable, as it makes one of your hands busy and potentially decreases your focus on the road. But if you still are eager to chase some clouds in your car, here are some tips from our experience.

5 Tips About Vaping in the Car

1. Do Not Vape with Your Window Closed

When vaping in the car, keep your window open at all times

Why? Because first, your windshield eventually will get covered by a sticky residue which is easily noticeable in a sunny day. That is a deposition of your vapor, mostly in the form of vegetable glycerin (VG), which can easily make your windows foggy.

Although this is actually quite a normal occurrence witnessed by vaping drivers, it raises the question of whether the same thing happens in our lungs. Well, not exactly: VG, or glycerol, is metabolized and converted mostly into carbon dioxide and water in our bodies, whether it has been eaten, inhaled, or taken in through the skin. And, to make you worry even less, here’s a conclusion from a glycerol study:

The weight of evidence indicates that glycerol is of low toxicity when ingested, inhaled or in contact with the skin.

You can read more about chemicals in e-cigarette vapor here.

What to do? If you’re too lazy to clean your windshield now and then using a mixture of water and vinegar, you have the option to always open your window when vaping.

Why? Secondly, there is simply a risk that your clouds of vapor will greatly reduce your visibility. This is especially true with sub-ohm devices – they usually produce so much vapor that you will not be able to see the road in front of you. That’s a major threat for you, your passengers, and other road users as well, which can lead to an unexpected visit to the hospital, or even much worse.

What to do? If you want to get from point A to point B safely, the solution here would be to simply open your window, your sunroof, or drop your top if you’re in a convertible, or not to vape at all while driving. This point also applies to passengers, so make sure that also they aren’t clouding your visibility.

2. Do Not Put the Mouthpiece Too Close to Your Teeth

However, if you ever find yourself suffering from any dental problem, you can always rely on the Top Dentist in UAE.

3. Be Creative About Where To Put Your E-Cigarette

Why? Automotive engineers simply haven’t designed any place in your car where to conveniently place your electronic cigarette vertically. This can be a major issue, as many clearomizers and sub-ohm tanks tend to leak, especially through the airflow slots, when placed horizontally on a surface. Also, electronic cigarettes come in many different shapes and sizes what makes life even harder. I have owned many different vehicles, but in none of them I managed to find a decent place for my vaping mod. But that’s understandable, though, as vaping is a new industry, and we can only hope that the ashtrays in our cars will someday be replaced with mod and e-liquid bottle holders.

What to do? We have been searching for quite a while, and still haven’t found a great, universal car holder for e-cigarettes. There are some nice thingies for eGo batteries, for example, this one, as well as some products for box mods, like this one. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution yet, so at the moment, it might be best to simply use your creativity:

My Aspire Pegasus & Triton tank, placed between the cupholders

 4. Do Not Put the Mouthpiece Too Close to Your Teeth

Why? I don’t know how are the roads in the place where you live, though, but in my country, the majority of roads are dotted with smaller or bigger potholes. What happens then? Well, you can damage your teeth, and in worst case scenario, you will have to pay a visit to your dentist.

What to do?

5. Do Not Leave Your E-Cigarette or E-Liquid in the Car When It’s Cold Outside

Why? In low temperatures, the consistency of e-liquid changes. It gets thicker, especially if it has high VG content in it, and that means wicking issues and possible leaking.

What to do? Using an e-liquid with higher propylene glycol (PG) content might be a good idea, as PG doesn’t thicken so much as VG. Or, better yet, just remember not to leave your vaping device in your car overnight.

6. Get a Frequent Driver Vaping Kit

Innokin iTaste DRV

Seems like electronic cigarette manufacturers are trying to solve the problems related to vaping in the car. Or at least trying to do so. Innokin, for example, has a product called iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping Kit. It is a variable voltage (4.2 to 6.4 volts) 510 threaded device which is meant to be plugged in the cigarette lighter. It features a long cord and can fire both as an automatic and a manual electronic cigarette – in other words, with or without pushing a button to fire.

Although this product may appeal to some frequent drivers, overall, it is quite a weird contraption. And a bit pricey, too. It’s a nice step forward, but it is somewhat awkward to use; besides, for that price, you can get a great sub-ohm kit like the Kangertech Subox Mini and a USB car charger. And then, you will be able to chase some decent clouds, accompanied by the pounding of your mighty subwoofers, like these guys do.

And what’s your experience with vaping in the car? Perhaps you have some great tips to share, so tell us and other vapers in the comments!

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