6 Ways How CBD Can Improve Your Gloomy Mood

Feeling slightly off once in a while is perfectly natural. Our thoughts and emotions are conditioned to get us from one end of the spectrum to the other. Yet, if this gloomy mood becomes part of your every day, you must address the problem before you end up spiraling into depression.

The world has always been uncertain, but pressing issues such as the pandemic and the climate crisis has only made uncertainty more palpable. Being overwhelmed with gloom makes sense, but it doesn’t mean you have to endure it. The good news is, there is an excellent product in the market that can provide respite without causing mind-altering effects, and its name is CBD.

The story behind CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the Cannabis sativa plant species. The latter holds over a hundred different cannabinoids besides CBD. Delta-9 THC is one popular cannabinoid that causes many weed enthusiasts’ euphoric effects. In contrast, CBD is a non-intoxicating psychoactive. Accordingly, you can safely take hemp-derived CBD as it will not make you high or cause more paranoia. There is also no risk of overdose when you take CBD.

Like other cannabinoids, CBD triggers change in the body through the ECS. The latter is a molecular network, managing critical processes in the body such as temperature, appetite, sleep, and mood. The ECS has its receptors moving through the body and implementing change to keep the body in optimal balance, also known as homeostasis. CBD implements change by signaling to the receptors.

Health officials, including the WHO, have deemed CBD safe, leading to its legalization in several countries. As a result, the CBD industry is booming. Buying CBD has never been safer and more exciting. This cannabinoid comes in various forms. For fast results, CBD e-liquid juice helps you improve your mood with the most potent CBD e liquid juice available in multiple online stores, while for long-lasting effects, there are gummies and chocolate to help.

Six ways CBD can help you deal with the blues

You cannot run away from your fears, but you can use CBD to deal with them more clearly and with a calmer demeanor. The following are six significant ways CBD can help you combat your gloomy mood.

CBD and serotonin

Serotonin is a critical neurotransmitter. Researchers often refer to serotonin as the happy chemical because a good amount of this neurotransmitter in the body can keep anxiety at bay. However, there are times when our body does not produce enough serotonin. In such cases, CBD can help. Preliminary studies show how this natural compound has serotonergic effects as it can trigger the production of serotonin or help the body make better use of the amount already present.


GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter located in the brain. Its main job is to decrease activity in the nervous system, precisely when we are faced with a challenging situation. GABA’s ability to slow down activity leads to us dealing with problems more calmly. Researchers note how CBD can interact with GABA, primarily if not functioning optimally.

CBD and cortisol

Cortisol is the stress hormone in the body that gets us ready to fight or flight during stressful situations. Although a certain amount of this hormone is essential for us, it can inhibit us if our body starts overproducing it. This happens when we are chronically stressed, and the production of cortisol goes into overdrive which leads to chronic fatigue and weight gain, among other things. Studies show that CBD can help with hormone imbalance, including managing cortisol levels.

CBD and pain

It is hard to point out what is causing you to feel blue, but when you are in pain, it is easy to figure out the cause. Whether temporary or chronic, pain can significantly alter your mood, but you can improve your situation by taking CBD. This natural compound is a potent pain killer, as studies on rats suffering from joint pain caused by multiple sclerosis and arthritis have proved.

CBD for energy

If you are in a gloomy mood, chances are your energy levels are low, but if you are at work, it’s not like you can go back to bed. CBD can significantly shift your energy levels. This natural compound can boost your energy when you take it in low doses. What’s fascinating about CBD is that it can help you fall asleep more quickly and deeply when taken in high doses.

CBD won’t add more burdens

CBD stands out from traditional antidepressants because it does not cause harmful side effects. To date, researchers have yet to find any harmful side effects when taking this compound. The only known side effects some users have experienced include nausea and diarrhea.


CBD can erase the negative thoughts and emotions flooding your being and provide you with more clarity, but it should not be the only solution to find peace. Pair this natural compound with other life-changing habits such as a Mediterranean diet rich in fresh food and whole grains, exercise, and meditation to lead a serener life.

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Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

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