A Complete Parental Guide To Vape

Vaping may not be common knowledge to everyone, especially parents who are not always willing to explore. This is not something that may interest all parents, especially if they do not fancy vaping. As parents, below are some of the basic things you need to understand about vaping before condemning the practice. These facts and details will be surprising for most parents.

Parental Guide To Vape

Knowing what Electronic Cigarettes are

Before getting into vaping, you need to buy a good vape pen or an e-cig. Other common names for these items include juuls, vapes, and mods. They refer to battery-operated or electronic delivery systems that work perfectly for nicotine and CBD. The E-cigs are available in different types and sizes, with some modifications to suit other users’ needs and preferences. For the pens to work, they require some hangsen vape juice which can either be nicotine or CBD oils. E-cigs vary and can be anything from a normal tobacco-like cigarette, ordinary pen shapes, cigar shapes, or pipe shapes, to mention a few.

What is more concerning today is that more teenagers are using juuls, making it a significant health concern for their parents and health care experts. Usually, Juuls has very high nicotine content, despite the safe consideration mark. A single Juul pod contains 5% nicotine, which is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.

Understanding the Working of E-cigs

All the over 450 e-cig brands existing in today’s markets operate similarly. The operating mechanism involves a cartridge that holds the e-cig juice, an atomizer called the heating element, a battery that serves as the power source, and a mouthpiece. Once the user puffs at the voice, the battery activates the heating element, which vaporizes the e-cig juice, and the user then inhales the vaporizing nicotine or CBD.

Why is Vaping Exciting Teens?

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Being a teenager is one of the most confusing stages in life. This is an age where most teens are impressionable, and anything that seems fancy or cool is likely to attract them. Besides the cool element, most teens into vaping do so because of the different e-cig juice flavoring. They are less likely to be identified since the flavors tend to smell sweet. The various vaping tricks associated with vaping seem to be an exciting factor for these young teens.

What’s more, vaping is generally affordable, meaning that they do not have to struggle to indulge. Despite the age limit when purchasing the vaping kit, it appears as though most teens have found a way to buy these kits without anyone noticing that they are underage. Sadly, most teens are unaware of what they are inhaling as they only follow what others do. At this stage, the level of peer pressure requires that parents actively involve themselves in raising their young-adult kids. With proper guidance, these teens will understand the consequences of indulging in vaping and probably wait until they are adults.

Are there Regulations that Protect Children from Vaping?

As a parent, you need to follow up on this, mainly because you may not be with your child all the time. Well, there are regulations under the FDA since it is the body that controls packaging, promotion, advertising, and selling of E-cigs and other vaping products. Unfortunately, teens have become smarter than parents and adults, such that they always find smart ways to beat the system.

More teenagers are buying these products online, making it impossible to track or stop them. Parents need to be more vigilant if they are to curb the behavior before it gets out of hand. The FDA’s attempt to discontinue the sale of enticing flavors such as mango, crème, cucumber and fruit may help ease the misuse of the e-cigs. Companies need to find smart ways to get extra verification to ascertain age limits, mostly when made online. In the end, parents still need to be actively involved in parenting their kids because they are closer to them.

Health Risks for Teens

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Generally, e-cigs are less harmful compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. It works best for people who want to make a transition and eventually stop smoking. Nonetheless, the nicotine contained in e-cigs, no matter how small, is still addictive. Teens are at an even higher risk considering that the teenage years are crucial for brain development as they transition into adulthood. Teens that choose to vape risk suffering from long-term effects that may hinder brain function even in later years.

Most of these teens will not appreciate this aspect hence the need for parents to explain it well. The consequences of their actions will undoubtedly manifest later in life, and this may be too late. Besides being addictive, vaping can also make other hard drugs more desirable to the teen, not what you want for your young boys and girls. Unfortunately, even nicotine-free e-cigs are harmful since they contain chemicals that affect the respiratory system negatively.

Final Thought

Nicotine IS highly addictive regardless of the form of consumption. While e-cigs may regulate the consumption and maintain it at lower levels, it is still addictive. Teenagers and under-aged kids need to stay away from any form of drugs and substances as this interferes with proper growth. Both parents and society have a role to play in this. Be careful about consumption of nicotine in any form because it is addictive even in small amounts.

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