All You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Vape Battery

Whenever we talk about vaping, the few things that come to our mind are the flavors of e-juice, vape devices etc. We tend to discuss and explore a lot about these aspects of vaping to make sure we find the right fit. But in this process, we ignore the heart and core of the process, which is the battery.

With time choosing the right device or e-liquid to suit your taste becomes easier. But the trick to finding the right battery remains a mystery. The primary reason behind this is that newcomers seldom discuss or understand the many choices of batteries available in the market for their device. They simply buy whatever is available without knowing their entire vaping experience revolves around this critical part.

Here is a guide to picking out the right batteries for your vapes that will enhance the experience without cutting a hole in your pocket.

Why Choose the Right Battery?

Most people think the purpose of the battery is to simply power the device. So as long as the battery helps the device function, there is no need to understand or explore the options available. But the battery is the most important part of a vape device that significantly affects the experience.

The amount of current output available from your battery at a given time is known as the load. Batteries that have higher load capacity or amperage, support faster heating within the device. It enables you to enjoy the vapors faster and support long draws. It also determines how well the device can vaporize the liquid to enhance the flavors. Then we have the voltageof the battery. The coils used have an innate resistance to the flow of current.

Hence the voltage capacity of the battery should be capable of providing the necessary strength to push enough amperage into the system for the right heating.

Optimum heat in the device will improve the experience with impeccable flavors of award-winning vape wild juices of 2020. Poor amperage means a low capacity to vaporize that can ruin the flavor profile and vapor density.

Next, the mAh parameter or battery capacity determines the amount of time the battery can power the device before it requires charging. The purpose of using petite vapes is portability. Hence choosing a battery that supports long usage is critical to ensure you have a seamless experience wherever you go.

Apart from these specific parameters, the quality of the battery and its compatibility with the device is crucial for safe vaping. Low-quality batteries might come with an increased risk of leakage and explosion. Therefore, finding the right battery for your device is critical to enjoying a safe and fun vaping experience.

Vape Battery Size

Choosing batteries may not be a big concern for those using disposable or pocket-sized vape pens or starter kits. These devices come with inbuilt batteries that are compatible and come pre-assembled into the pen. In the case of vape designs that require external batteries, two major sizes are commonly used, – 18650 and 26650.

18650 is the most common type found in the majority of vape mods. Its popularity is that it strikes the right balance between ampere and mAh that gives extraordinary vaping experience for long durations. The battery is replaceable and detachable from the mod and is budget-friendly as well. The naming standard indicates the dimensions of the battery – 18mm diameter, 65mm height, and 0 to indicate the cylindrical shape.

26650 is a lesser-known type found in a few mods. The battery dimensions are slightly bulky at 22mm diameter compared to 18mm. But they come with promising power capabilities. Many large vape devices use this type to offer good power.

There are few size variants to these types, such as 18350 that has the same diameter as 18650 but is smaller in height. Based on the most suitable size for your vape mod, you can choose from these standard types.

Battery Composition

Another important detail that reveals a lot about battery capabilities and safety is the chemistry behind the type you choose. Vape batteries usually come with a series of letters like ICR, IMR, or INR. They stand for the chemical makeup of the battery that needs to be compatible with the device.

IMR or Lithium Manganese batteries have elevated current flow capacity with minimal changes in internal battery temperature. They do not heat the device or surroundings circuits too much. Hence they seldom require a protective circuitry given its superior design. These are currently useful in most vape mods and are safe for use.

ICR or Lithium Cobalt batteries are the highest energy designs available for vape mods today. They have improved mAh ratings and are best suited for mechanical designs. But the design lacks in-build safety chemistry and hence requires protective circuitry in the device for proper usage. This style is virtually obsolete, given the safety concerns.

INR or Lithium Manganese Nickel batteries are hybrids. They utilize the efficiency of manganese to provide enlarged battery capacity, even higher than IMRs. They also offer low operating temperatures and improved current levels for impeccable performance. They utilize safe chemistry to improve performance without increasing the risk of damage.

IMRs and hybrids are the best choices for vape mods as they offer the perfect balance of performance and safety.

Pay Attention to Charging

One of the best ways to enhance batteries’ lifetime and safety is to always use the recommended chargers. They provide the right power levels required for safe charging. Smart chargers are a good choice for vape devices. They include over-discharge protection and over-voltage protection. 

Another important point to remember while charging vape devices is to keep the charging levels between 4.25v and 3.3v. Anything above or below these levels can cause serious damage to the battery and render them useless within a few charge cycles.

The aspects discussed above help determine the efficiency of vape batteries. They reflect on the quality and capabilities of the battery you consider for your device. Utilizing these guidelines while choosing batteries for vape mods will give a promising performance and a good vaping experience. 

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Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

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