Aspire Pegasus Mod Review

Aspire, the company which has always delighted us with many superb clearomizers, has now launched a simple, classy and quite powerful mod called Pegasus. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also sports some previously unseen – or rarely seen – features like a wattage adjustment wheel and, most importantly, ability to be charged on a special charging dock. Let’s not wait and dive in to take a closer look to this new and quite stunning device!

Aspire Pegasus Mod Review

Looks & Design

First Impression


First of all, the brushed aluminum body looks simply beautiful and has a nice, durable feel to it. The overall design of the device can be described in three words: elegant, solid, and simple. The Pegasus is available in 3 body colors: brushed slate, brushed brass and brushed chrome. The finish is quite glossy, and, although it likes to attract some fingerprints, it seems to be scratch proof.

The Pegasus features a relatively large LED display on the side which, thanks to an in-built accelerometer, flips horizontally to adjust the reading depending on how you hold the device. It was a nice surprise – you rotate the device and the screen flips without any delay! Also, the display is very bright and ensures great readability. Digits & symbols on the screen don’t look like Tetris bricks – everything is accurate here.


The Pegasus is only a little bit bigger than, for example, a Kanger Kbox Mini. One side of the mod is rounded making it fit in your hand just perfectly. It has a rolling wheel for wattage adjustment which feels solid and is positioned very ergonomically, therefore works well both for left and right-handed vapers. The device sports a flat, solid, and ‘clicky’ power button with a brushed finish which feels quite nice to touch.

The Pegasus features a self-adjusting 510 connection, as well as a spring-loaded battery compartment cap at the bottom of the device which opens easily and pleasantly – with a slide of a finger.

Functionality & Performance


Aspire Triton

Aspire Pegasus

The Aspire Pegasus mod features variable wattage from 1W to 70W which can be adjusted using a wheel located on the top of the device. To make it rotate, you need to apply some force to the wheel, though, but we are sure that this has been done on purpose to ensure that it will not accidentally turn in your pocket.

The wattage can be increased or decreased in increments of 1 watt. Yes, it does not allow any further fine-tuning, but we suppose that, in the age of sub-ohm tanks, the 0.1 watt increments are not so important anymore.

The Pegasus houses a single 18650 battery which, like with the majority of recent vaping mods, does not come with the mod. Therefore, remember to order a good battery separately: for example, we used a high-drain Samsung 25R 2500mAh battery, which, in our opinion, is a great choice for this mod. The fact that this is only a single 18650 mod, though, might disappoint some more experienced vapers – it would be perfect if the battery life was a little longer for constant cloud chasing.


Aspire Pegasus battery compartment lid

Aspire Pegasus battery compartment lid

In the case of the Pegasus, charging the device is simply a breeze. There are actually 3 ways how to do that:

  • plug in the micro USB cable directly in your mod;
  • remove the 18650 battery and use a separate battery charger.
  • use the charging dock which will also protect your mod from sliding off your table;

You can purchase a special charging station for your Aspire Pegasus separately. Aside from the fact that it makes the charging process very straightforward, together with the mod it actually makes an aesthetically pleasing and interestingly looking accessory for your office desk, for example.

Also, the micro USB port on the Pegasus itself is located on the side which means that it can be placed on a table vertically without any worries while charging.

Overall Vaping Experience

Aspire Pegasus Mod & Aspire Triton Tank

Aspire Pegasus Mod & Aspire Triton Tank

We first used the Pegasus together with the Aspire Triton tank and fired it around 30W–40W. The standard 0.4 ohm coils gave us some spectacular clouds and great flavor with zero burnt hits. Both of these look great together, therefore this tank is an outstanding option to use with the Pegasus. And remember, folks: you can get the Pegasus together with the Triton in the Odyssey kit.

As mentioned before, we indeed liked how the device feels in your hand. In no case it looks or feels cheap, and the nice, black finish on the display side reminds of some high-end smartphone.

However, after vaping on the Pegasus for a week, we noticed that the fire button no longer had the initial solidity – it had gotten a tiny bit looser. Not to say that’s an issue, but, if something of this device ever falls apart, we suppose that will be the fire button. But, again, we didn’t have any problems with it, it only felt different than in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Aspire Pegasus LED Display

Aspire Pegasus LED Display

The Pegasus, when paired together with the Triton tank, provides an outstanding vaping experience that will certainly satisfy all of your needs. We really enjoyed the LED display – we liked the size of it, the automatic flip feature, as well as the brightness. The brushed aluminum body looks simply fantastic, and it leaves an impression of a very solid, well-built, and durable device.

Although this mod is one of the latest noteworthy devices on the vaping market, we predict a bright future for it. Why? Because it is as a great-looking, simple and powerful vaping base both for beginners and more advanced vapers as well.

Features & Specification

  • Variable wattage: 1W-70W
  • Large, bright LED display
  • Spring-loaded 510 connection
  • Brushed aluminum body
  • Side mounted firing button
  • Protective features:
    • High resistance / No atomizer message
    • Low voltage step down protection
    • Low battery message
    • Short circuit protection
    • Cut off protection
    • High temperature protection
  • Houses single 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Micro USB port
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 91mm
    • Width: 45mm
    • Weight: 100g (without baterry)
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Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

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10 Responses

  1. Just received my Aspire Pegasus Mod, charging dock, and Aspire’s new 18650 2500mah 20A/40A battery from Aspire China directly per a promotion. Just wanted to advise that the Pegasus comes with Temperature Control on Ni200 & Titanium Coils/Wire. It is able to be adjusted from 200°F-600°F. The Pegasus will read from 0.1Ω to 0.15Ω in Temperature Control Mode as normal. Anything above 0.15Ω will still vape in TC Mode but will show the resistance as 0.15Ω per the manual but I’ve been vaping with a build at 0.28Ω in TC Mode and the Pegasus reflects this resistance. Also Aspire has just released 0.15Ω Ni200 Coils thus past Friday to per with the Pegasus. So just wanted to pass this information on, that there is only one style Pegasus, in three color choices and has Temperature Control Mode or Variable Wattage Mode. Vape On

  2. Neno says:

    I’m determined to quit smoking and decided on a e-cig .. I did a lot of research with the help of your site i got the Pegasus 70w and am happy to say that its great!!
    only one thing, after a couple of days it fell out of my jacket pocket and landed on the floor, it took a big hit but no scratches.. but it bent the top cover of the mod since the triton tank is rock hard no damage to the tank but now it sits slanted.. my question is can i remove the top cover (4 torax screws) without it all coming apart? is there a picture of this mod in an a exploded diagram?

  3. radplus22 says:

    Must say excellent mod! First mod I bought was a Kangertech nano, was a good starter mod but outgrew it quick, also the finsh on the kanger started to chip rather quickly & didn’t really like the fact I was pretty much limited to the subtank nano.
    My friend showed me his Pegasus and Ordered one, have had no issues what so ever with this mod. I’ve dropped it multiple times and it definitely can hold up to the abuse. Scratch resistant, Great finish, Bright easy to read Display (great how it automatically switch) , The wheel has perfect tension so you don’t have to worry about it changing wattage in you pocket. Has a sleeper mode. I’m running a Triton V2 tank, as well the triton has great taste,can chuck some clouds and has yet to leak!
    -All in all its a great Mod!!
    Highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in a single 18650 mod

    • Dwayne says:

      Love it. The best one for the price. Looks good, fires good, easy clean up, top filled just an over all best buy. Only one thing wish it was set up for dual batteries. And maybe USB out to charge a device. Had an itaste MVP and that opinion save my ass a few times. Thanks

  4. Martin says:

    Thank you all for sharing with us.
    I’m still often using Aspire Pegasus Mod, as performance is great and charging is handy.

  5. Robin says:

    I am a relatively new vaper and this was the second mod that I have bought. I use it with an Aspire Clieto tank. I love this thing! Looks great, performs spot on. Like I said I am just learning a lot about vaping but this mod has helped shorten my learning curve.

    • Martin says:

      Hi. Thank you for sharing.
      I can only agree. This mod is a great piece of device. I’m using it almost for 1 year and still working as brand new! 🙂

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  2. January 21, 2017

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