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Kanger Kbox Review 0

Cheap Kanger Kbox – Get The Newcomer From KangerTech Now!

There are not many vapers left who have not heard about KangerTech. It is one of the most trusted Chinese e-cigarette brands currently in the market. KangerTech has surprised us with the Kanger Kbox, which has become one of the most popular box mods in the recent months. It is easy to use, has a lot of safety...

Celebrity Women Who Vape 1

10 Hot Celebrity Women Who Vape

Take a look at what’s going on with vaping in Hollywood, and check out these stunning celebrity women who vape! These A-class stars all have strong personalities and characters, so they know exactly what they want, and they just go for it. They don’t care about other people’s opinions, they love a nice vape and...

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8 Stunning Girls Who Vape Like There’s No Tomorrow

Judging by the demographics of the vaping community, both online and in most brick-and-mortar vaping shops, it’s quite obvious that the majority of electronic cigarette users are men. But, hey, maybe there are also some girls who just can’t resist not to chase some clouds of vapor? Maybe they are even better at different vape tricks than men?...

Celebrities Who Vape 3

10 A-Class Celebrities Who Vape

Do you feel lonely or strange when vaping sometimes? Are you often the only one with an electronic cigarette in the bus station, park or on the street? You don’t need to worry much, because at least one million Americans and 300 000 Britons have already switched to electronic vaporizers. Also, there are many...

How I Quit Smoking and Started to Vape 11

Real Person: How I Quit Smoking and Started Vaping

“How to Quit Smoking” – this has always been one of the most frequently used search phrases online. People are desperately seeking ways how to finally quit smoking, and, thankfully, there are a lot of options, including nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum and also electronic cigarettes. But the fact is that a lot of...

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Vaping vs Smoking Filter Test

You have probably heard many allegations that vaping is more harmful for your lungs than smoking. In the video below, you will see real results of a real Vaping vs Smoking filter test. There is a lot of propaganda out there nowadays, and that’s why we want to assure you once more that vaping is...

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10 Most Popular Myths About Electronic Cigarettes

As more and more people are getting into vaping, there is also a lot of myths about electronic cigarettes wandering around. Most of these are born without any rational background and are just peoples’ imagination. In this article, we would like to take a look at the most popular myths about electronic cigarettes.