Best Weed in the World

Determining the best weed strains of all times is tricky because there are endless factors responsible for the choice. Still, some strains undeniably shine above the rest and shape the modern market even regardless of their current availability.

The problem with some popular strains is the difficulty of maintaining their original integrity and high. After a strain becomes popular, its versions are grown by multiple breeders and brands. Then, new twists are created by hybridizing them. So, the cannabis market is flooded with a flower that may not resemble the original cut. The genetics of great strains may get watered down over time. Don’t worry! Not all legendary cultivars came into oblivion. Most of them are alive and available for sale. Scroll down the post for more details.

What Makes a Strain Legendary?

Multiple parameters contribute to the strain’s uniqueness. Cannabis connoisseurs offer the following factors as the most important:

Other cannabis experts may add more criteria to the list.

Top Lists of Strains

There are so many strains worldwide that some are not even included in any database. Nobody has ever tasted every marijuana strain. In addition, different smokers have different preferences and perspectives about what makes the best cultivar. Some are anxious about the effects produced, while others place THC potency as the center of the world.

Check distinct cultivars in various categories:

Marijuana plants with high THC percentages come from growers who can control their growth conditions. The light source is the main factor affecting the THC level in buds. By regulating the quantity and quality of light, cannabis cultivators can manipulate and determine the strength on their own.

Strongest Cannabis Strains

While choosing the strongest strain of weed, measuring its strength by its THC content seems logical, but it can be misleading. Some cultivars with modest to low THC amounts boast potent effects due to an even balance of terpenes and cannabinoids. Their functional power correlates with their THC concentration so that seasoned smokers may come across their favorite strains with varying THC levels.

Listed below are the strongest marijuana strains for:

Great potency implies great responsibility. Your strains are your tools that should be organized based on your preferences. Make your collection of various cultivars that help you cope with insomnia, chill, watch movies, or concentrate on work. Enjoy it the right way and consult experts. Budtenders in are qualified enough to give the best services to medical patients and recreational users and recommend an optimal solution to any problem.

What Countries Have the Best Weed Strains?

With the fast expansion of the marijuana industry in the world, multiple countries are competing and fighting to be on the top of the list. Who is the winner? The question is ambiguous. Some countries are famous for growing certain strains for centuries, and others are innovators. Let’s focus on some leaders:

Luckily for smokers, there are many places to get good weed as more countries join the game due to the international cannabis revolution.


It is hard to name the best weed in the world right now. Since the cannabis industry is versatile, each stoner undoubtedly has the best personal strain. Whether people are tired, sad, or excited, they have their favorites for improving their mental and physical condition. For new users unaware of their tolerance levels and diversity of cannabis effects, it all comes down to a matter of taste.

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