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Vaping Tips For Beginners 24

6 Quick & Useful Vaping Tips for Beginners

There is no doubt: vaping is a much better and less harmful alternative to smoking. By switching from smoking to vaping, you can free yourself from thousands of dangerous chemicals, stop worrying about smoking related health conditions, and bring a multitude of extremely delicious e-liquid flavors in your daily life. However, due to the...

Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping 2

3 Real Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping: Is Sub-Ohming Really For You?

There’s no doubt: in 2015, sub-ohm vaping, or sub-ohming, is really taking off. More powerful regulated mods and easy-to-use sub-ohm clearomizers allow vapers to enjoy bigger and thicker clouds of vapor than ever before, and without much hassle. However, some vapers – beginners and experienced ones aswell – may ask a question:...

How To Pick The Right E-liquid 2

4 Useful Tips How To Pick The Right E-Liquid

Even if we come from many different backgrounds and are into vaping for different reasons, all vapers have one thing in common – they consume e-liquid, and they’re constantly racking their brains about what flavor, brand or product line to try out next. If something has some kind of taste,...