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Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping 2

3 Real Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping: Is Sub-Ohming Really For You?

There’s no doubt: in 2015, sub-ohm vaping, or sub-ohming, is really taking off. More powerful regulated mods and easy-to-use sub-ohm clearomizers allow vapers to enjoy bigger and thicker clouds of vapor than ever before, and without much hassle. However, some vapers – beginners and experienced ones aswell – may ask a question:...

How To Pick The Right E-liquid 2

4 Useful Tips How To Pick The Right E-Liquid

Even if we come from many different backgrounds and are into vaping for different reasons, all vapers have one thing in common – they consume e-liquid, and they’re constantly racking their brains about what flavor, brand or product line to try out next. If something has some kind of taste,...