How Kratom Heals Anxiety and Depression?

How to Take Kratom Capsules

“Kratom. It’s a plant you should learn about. Some scientists think it could solve the opioid crisis.”

Kratom is one of the highly popular tropical evergreen trees that comes from the family of coffee and resides in the dense forests of Southeast Asia. It does contain a decent amount of opioid concentrated properties releasing stimulant-like effects on the body.

As it has a lot of health benefits, Kratom has been considered as a preferred dietary supplement. Based on the geographical barriers, Kratom is recognized with different names including – kakuam, biak, thom, ketum, and Ithang. Above all, kratom’s medical name is mitragyna speciosa. As far as its intake is concerned, people often chew kratom leaves directly, brew it to have kratom tea, add kratom leaves powder to different eatables, and much more.

Kratom – For Depression and Anxiety

Researchers claim Kratom to have components used for treating depression, panic attacks, and anxiety to an extent. Resulting, a high percentage of people consume Kratom to self-treat depression and anxiety. Out of all, ‘mitragynine’ is one of the most important elements in Kratom which heals depression, anxiety and other mental health issues effectively. Mitragynine binds with opioid receptors while soothing the brain’s nerves. This results in the mind being in a happy state while helping the individual remain in a peaceful state for long.

After a Drug and Alcohol Dependence report claiming Kratom as a progressive way to uplift mood and heal depression, a high majority of people started using kratom powder, extract, and leaves.

Some of the other leverages of consuming kratom powder include

  1. Treats high blood pressure, pain, muscle ache
  2. Eradicates fatigue, diarrhoea, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorders)

How to consume it, and what is its ideal intake/dosage?

Kratom is available to consume in different forms, including tinctures, capsules, gum, extracts, tablets, tea etc. The reliable sellers offer a complete range of lab-tested products you can explore. As far as its dosage is concerned, the accurate and required amount depends on your health check, age, gender, Kratom’s form, and body potential.           

For instance – Kratom’s extracts do have more concentrated properties than the kratom powder. On this, the 2018 Drug and Alcohol Dependence report stated that more than 8,049 people who consume Kratom confessed that they consume around 5 grams of kratom powder 3-times a day.

There are some standard guidelines guiding through the exact amount of kratom powder doses. 1 to 5 grams of powder is low to moderate intake. It helps to improve the concentration level while boosts energy. Around 5 to 15 grams of powder helps to relieve pain and is considered a high amount. This much amount must be consumed after the practitioner’s consultation.

The last line –

Kratom leaves and powder is a tropical tree extract native to Southeast Asia. There are countless leverages of kratom leaves ranging from chronic pain reliever to healing depression. All these factors and promising results have made Kratom a preferred solution to mental health issues. However, make sure to consult a practitioner before consuming Kratom in any form.

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