How To Ramp Up Your Cannabis Consumption Habits For Winter

As the long summer closes, it is time to prep your home and lifestyle for the upcoming winter chill. You also need to change your routines and habits to align with the festive season. The transition may take some effort for cannabis consumers as you may have to invest more in choosing products, reworking doses and timelines, and looking after your tools. Although there isn’t a tried-and-tested way to manage your intake, you can follow some tips to ramp up your cannabis consumption habits for winter. Here are the ones recommended by seasoned users.

Indulge in indoor sessions

If you are a cannabis lover, you will probably miss your summer outdoor sessions. But winter is about indulging in cozy, indoor sessions. Create a perfect ambiance with your favorite book and a warm blanket by the fireplace. You can go solo or host a cannabis get-together for your like-minded besties. Staying indoors keeps you warm and safe and prevents your stash, devices, and batteries from freezing.

Adhere to a safe dosage

Adhering to a safe dose should be your priority as a cannabis lover, regardless of the season and occasion. You may feel tempted to go over the top during the festive season, but overdosing is the last thing you should do. Follow your tolerance levels and take a break once every couple of weeks. Tolerance breaks help you set healthy boundaries, so you should commit to being regular with them.

Experiment with strains and products

Winter is a great time to experiment with products and strains as you stay in during the long and lazy evenings. You can think beyond the best weed strains of summer 2022 and ask your budtender for the latest ones in the market. Switching your products is a good way to ramp up your winter habits. You can skip inhalation and opt for tinctures and edibles, or go the other way around. 

Avoid mixing alcohol at festive parties

Experts recommend following this tip as a rule because most consumers tend to slip with it. You may want to gulp your edibles down with a glass of wine or follow up a vaping session with a rum shot to stay warm. But mixing alcohol with cannabis is the worst thing to do because the combination can be volatile. Stock up on non-alcoholic beverages so that you do not need to stress about making a blunder.

Store your stash and devices wisely

Another essential habit you must ramp up in the cold weather is to store your stash and devices wisely. While following the basic storage rules, you must keep your cannabis in airtight jars in a warm place where it won’t freeze. Be extra conscious about vape liquids as they may freeze if left outdoors. Also, invest in a pocket-sized vape device to keep it warm and prevent battery drain.

Besides these simple tips, stick with the basic precautions of cannabis consumption as they keep you safe in all seasons. These are enough to have the most enjoyable sessions in winter.

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