How to Use Cannabis Seeds

In recent times, seeds have become an essential ingredient in human nutrition. Although grains were actually quite represented in our diet many years ago, it seems that other foods have pushed them to the background. Only recently, seeds have made a major comeback to our tables, and their offer is very diverse.

High-quality OG Cannabis seeds are among the most sought-after food-based ingredients recently. They have so many beneficial effects that they can rightfully be found on the list of superfoods. They’re rich in micro- and macronutrients, and proteins and essential fatty acids predominate. The latter is important for us since the human body doesn’t synthesize them, so we have to get them through food and supplements.

The proven healing properties of cannabis with virtually no side effects have made it highly desirable. The seeds of this plant have become widely available, and you can use them in many ways. Of course, the primary purpose is to plant them and grow cannabis, but they can also be part of delicious meals, and you can even press them to get quality food-grade oil.

Growing New Plants from Germs

These seeds are used to cultivate cannabis plants, whether for commercial or personal use. They can be grown in several ways, and the most common methods for at-home cultivation are germination and seedling.

The first method is about getting sprouts, and it’s convenient if you plan to grow your plants outside. Simply, leave the seeds somewhere inside to absorb enough moisture, so they can develop germs and become stronger. Once they enter the germination phase, they can more easily withstand harsh outside conditions. When the sprout is strong enough, you can transplant the germs and let them develop into plants.

Seedling refers to inserting kernels directly into the soil in your indoor garden or pots. This way, a young plant develops from the germs. You can give them an extra boost by creating artificial conditions for growth, such as irrigation, artificial light, and optimal air humidity.

For the record, cannabis seeds can be male and female, of which only the latter produce buds and new grains. The seeds can be harvested or left to self-replant and sprout new plants. Male plants have a purpose exclusively for pollination.

Cannabis Seeds in Food Prep

You can use cannabis seeds in your diet like any other grain. That would mean you can use them both raw and thermally processed, considering that these germs don’t change their properties at high temperatures. That feature makes them excellent for baked goods, cakes, and cooked dishes.

The easiest way to nutritionally enrich your menu with cannabis seeds is to add them to salads, muesli, or smoothies. Simply put a certain amount in the dish, and you’re ready to go. As for the smoothie, you can wait a while for the kernels to absorb moisture and swell up. Or you can leave them raw to crunch under your teeth. Go here for more recipes.

If you prefer cannabis-rich cooked or baked dishes, you can add the seeds whole or roast them a bit and grind them into a powder, like cannabis flour. It has a specific nutty taste, and it’s excellent for preparing various types of bread, pastries, and pasta. This specific flour is especially suitable for people who are gluten intolerant because it doesn’t contain it at all.

Make Cannabis Milk

Recently, plant-based milks have become very popular, given the increasing number of people who can’t tolerate lactose well or don’t use milk and dairy for some reason. If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to know you can make milk from cannabis seeds. The process is easy, and the end result is a delicious, creamy liquid that you can use in many ways.

This milk alternative is made from only two ingredients, namely cannabis seeds, and water. Just put them in the blender and mix for two minutes. You can add sweeteners, flavorings, and spices to taste – a little chocolate, maple syrup, honey, vanilla extract, cinnamon, matcha, etc.

The resulting mixture doesn’t have to be strained because the germs almost disintegrate in water. But if you want the milk to be even smoother and silkier, you can pour it into another container through cheesecloth. After that, it’s ready for use just like any other milk. But since it has no preservatives, this milk can’t keep its freshness longer than four or five days, even if kept in a fridge.

Prepare Cold-Pressed Oil

The oil obtained from cannabis germs is super nutritious and has healing properties. However, making it at home isn’t simple since it requires cold pressing, i.e., the use of a specific hand crank oil press machine. Its screw mechanism lightly presses the plant material with great force on a small surface, which extracts raw oil from it.

You have to distinguish this oil from the original CBD oil obtained by processing cannabis kernels. Seeds contain very few cannabinoids, but they’re rich in healthy fatty acids, which make this oil excellent for daily use in nutrition and food prep.

In the source below, read about the differences between CBD oil and hemp seed oil:

If you plan to get cannabis seeds, you should know how to use them to get the most benefits. This food is rich in nutrients and should be on your menu every day. And if you don’t like the idea of eating these seeds, you can always plant them to grow cannabis plants.

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