Innokin iClear 30s Review: Industry Standard for a Great Vape

Innokin iClear 30s Review

The iClear 30s from Innokin has been around for a while already, and it has proven itself as a high quality, long-lasting device, and can be considered one of the best choices both for beginners and already experienced vapers.

We, the editors of Ecigclopedia, use Innokin iClear (iClear 16, iClear 30 and iClear 30s) products a lot. All of them are simple, reliable, durable clearomizers, and, if you are a beginner, they leave you a very nice impression of clearomizers and electronic cigarettes in general. However, the iClear 30s has been one of our absolute favourites for quite a long time already.

Innokin iClear 30s Review


Looks & Design

The iClear 30s is a dual coil (top located) clearomizer with replaceable heads and a capacity of 3.0 mililiters. There are two versions available: with a stationary mouthpiece or with a rotating one. It also comes with a “beauty ring”, which is used to mask the eGo threads on some devices.

When the iClear 30s first appeared in the market, it was quite an impressive clearomizer. However, things have changed a bit now, as there are more and more fat looking, outstanding sub-ohm tanks coming in. Nevertheless, the iClear 30s features a unique coil: the wicks and everything are hidden by a pitted metal cartridge, and, apart from the substantial improvement of performance this system provides, it also gives the clearo an uncommon look. And, honestly, the overall look of this device is not at all outdated even in 2015.

Functionality & Performance

The iClear 30s is probably one of the most reliable top coil clearomizers we have ever got our hands on. This is why it is still sitting on some of our mods, and we still enjoy a nice vape from it now and then. The vapour production is outstanding, and if your juice is right, you can always feel plenty of throat hit with this. While the flavour production is also great, all my e-liquids always taste a tiny bit different with the 30s. You may have heard other vapers say that this can be due to the relatively long wicks, although I tend to think that the presence of the ported metal part, which hides the wicks, has something more to do with the flavour. And it is not a bad thing at all, it’s just a bit different.

The iClear 30s, of course, has also some minor issues, but these start to emerge only after relatively long periods of use, and they are mainly related to overused heads. If you change them as soon as you notice leaking or some imperfections in taste, the clearo is good as new. And, if you have no new heads available at the moment, even dry burning works well for this, and by doing so you will definitely improve the taste, and will be able to vape away for some more days (or even weeks).

In comparison to its older brother, the iClear 30, the 30s is simply excellent. It provides much more overall vaping satisfaction, the coils last much longer, and issues with leaking and gurgling are close to non-existent. The capacity of the tank is also quite sufficient for the average vaper, and you can refill it with ease.

Final thoughts

Honestly, the Iclear 30s is simply an outstanding clearomizer, because it always works and delivers a splendid vape straight to your mouth or lungs. Of course, these days, it has a lot of competition out there from the sub-ohm niche, but that’s already a different story – in its class of clearomizers, it is definitely in the top 3. It also looks great, has decent e-liquid capacity, and you can change the coils with ease.

Features & Specification

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