Pros and Cons of Refillable JUUL Pods

When you’ve visited your local vape shop or shopped at an online store specializing in pod systems like Premium Vape Australia, refillable JUUL pods are products that you’ve undoubtedly seen more than once. If you’re a JUUL user, you’ve probably looked at refillable pods and wondered if they’re any good. Surely, something so inexpensive couldn’t be as enjoyable and satisfying as the real thing – right?

As it turns out, deciding whether you want to use refillable JUUL pods isn’t quite as simple as it might seem on the surface. Sure, you could simply grab a refillable pod and a bottle of e-liquid and see what happens – but here are some of the pros and cons of refillable JUUL pods that you might want to consider first.

With Refillable JUUL Pods, You Will Save Money

There’s a very good reason why you’ll never see a refillable pod with the official JUUL brand name on it: It’s because JUUL earns most of their money from e-liquid. If you could buy a refillable pod from JUUL and fill it with the bottled e-liquid of your choice, JUUL’s revenue would drop through the basement. Refillable pods would destroy JUUL’s razor-and-blades business model; they sell the starter kits very inexpensively because JUUL pods are some of the most expensive vaping products on the market.

You will definitely save a significant amount of money if you begin using refillable JUUL pods. A 30 ml bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid usually costs around the same as a box of pre-filled JUUL pods – and a pre-filled JUUL pod contains just 0.7 ml of vape juice. Considering the fact that a single refillable JUUL pod can work anywhere from several days to several weeks, the savings can be really significant.

Refillable JUUL Pods Give You More Flavor Choices

No e-cigarette with pre-filled pods or cartridges offers a selection of more than a small handful of different flavors, and that’s as true of JUUL as it is of any other brand. A major brand like JUUL is going to test its flavors carefully and choose only the ones that are certain to appeal to the most people possible. Still, though, taste is a very individual thing. It could be that none of JUUL’s official flavors quite make you happy – and even if you do enjoy JUUL’s flavor selection, you may still crave a little variety once in a while. With refillable JUUL pods, there’s no end to the variety you can experience.

Flavor variety becomes an even greater concern if you live in the United States. Since the U.S. government banned most flavored pre-filled e-cigarette pods early in 2020, using a refillable JUUL pod is your only option if you want to use the JUUL vaping device and want to enjoy flavors other than tobacco and menthol.

Refillable JUUL Pods May Have Quality Control Concerns

Think about the type of corporate mentality that leads to the creation of a product like a refillable JUUL pod. When you create a brand with the purpose of piggybacking on the strength of another brand, you’re not really planning for your company to be around for a long time. After all, refillable JUUL pods will only be relevant as long as JUUL is relevant, which probably won’t be forever.

When you’re not planning for your brand to be around for a long time, delivering an amazing customer experience probably isn’t your greatest concern. Instead, your goal is probably to deliver the minimum viable product. Refillable JUUL pods, in other words, often have quality control concerns that official JUUL pods typically lack. If you’re going to use refillable JUUL pods, you should know in advance that you may be more likely to end up with an occasional pod that has leaking issues or simply doesn’t work. Make sure that you always have an extra pod or two available.

Pre-Filled JUUL Pods Also Have Their Issues

JUUL’s quality control is top notch. The company has been around for a long time. They have manufactured hundreds of millions of pods, and they’ve done an excellent job of making steady product improvements along the way. When you buy pre-filled JUUL pods, though, you still have to worry a little about quality because JUUL is more frequently counterfeited than any other brand in the vaping industry.

JUUL does do their best to prevent counterfeit pods from reaching the market, but there are literally dozens of factories in China right now producing fake JUUL pods by the millions. If you live in the United States and find a pack of JUUL pods in any flavor other than tobacco or menthol, it’s almost a guarantee that the pods are fake. Even if the pods in question are tobacco- or menthol-flavored, though, it’s wise to buy only from merchants who get their pods directly from JUUL or from official distributors. Fake JUUL pods are much more common than many people realize.

Refillable JUUL Pods May Lack Temperature Control Features

JUUL may be the world’s most expensive e-cigarette brand, but you can’t deny that the people at JUUL have worked hard to create a product that delivers an unparalleled user experience. A perfect example of JUUL’s unbeatable user experience is the fact that the pods have built-in temperature control. The temperature control feature means that you should never experience a “dry hit” that burns your throat if you happen to try hitting an empty JUUL pod. Instead, your JUUL simply won’t generate vapor.

Most refillable JUUL pods, on the other hand, don’t support automatic temperature control – so if you attempt to use your JUUL while your refillable pod is empty, you’re going to have a pretty unpleasant experience. Most vaping devices don’t have temperature control features, though, so people who vape have dealt with dry hits for as long as vaping has existed – and somehow, they’ve managed to survive. Avoiding dry hits is simply a matter of remembering to keep your tank or pod full. Nevertheless, the fact that dry hits don’t happen with official JUUL pods is just one more example of the type of experience you’ll be giving up if you switch to refillable pods.

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Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

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