Should Nicotine Vaping Be Legalized In Australia Like New Zealand?

Should Nicotine Vaping Be Legalized In Australia Like New Zealand

To legalize Nicotine vape in Australia like NZ there is great pressure on the Australian politicians. People want laws to be changed around e cigarettes and tobacco E liquid in Australia.

Australians who want to buy Nicotine Salts vape require a prescription and a special chemist else they are fined heavily and even put behind the bars.

The government in Australia is strict about making the nicotine vape legal as it is in New Zealand, United States and Britain. At the same time it is lenient when it comes to selling cigarettes. You cannot buy nicotine Salt freely but you can buy conventional cigarettes without any problems. The consequences are bad if someone is caught purchasing the e liquid or other vape products without a prescription. A potential jail time and heavy fine is sure to give a hard time to vapers.

Some forty leading Australian academics and researchers have written to the therapeutic goods administration to make nicotine vape of less nicotine concentration to be used in an e-cig. It is because this nicotine is classified like the poisons standard as the schedule 7 dangerous poison.

Nicotine is addictive and the most important ingredient in nicotine Salt. Using a clean nicotine in e-cig will help the smokers to enjoy an alternative when it comes to getting nicotine without producing the tobacco smoke. This is helpful because tobacco smoke is an issue and nicotine is the part of this issue. E cigs deliver the same effect of smoking and there is hand to mouth movement involved in vaping. When smokers want to quit they find it difficult to avoid it in social gatherings but vaping will not let one compromise on the social aspects and it will help quit smoking.

Harmful effects of nicotine:

In the vaping industry the vape products that are produced have nicotine and the harmful effects are also minor. The presence of carcinogen is not there so it will not cause any kind of respiratory diseases. The effects on the heart are less so there can be little bit changes when it comes to blood pressure and heart rate. Heart muscles may contract.

If someone uses nicotine in pregnancy then it may cause problems related to brain development in the child and this can reduce growth. Insulin resistance can be increased and healing of wounds may take time as well. As per some lab studies nicotine exaggerates the existing cancers but when it is separated from toxins and used in a pure form the evidence of long term harm are discovered less.

Research doesn’t say that vaping can cause more risks than cigarettes and in turn it offers a great benefit to smokers. The vaping effect on the bystanders is almost negligible as e cigs produce less amount of chemicals and low nicotine levels in the air. The vapor produced from the e cigs dissipates quickly causing no health risks to bystanders.

According to the latest research nicotine in pure form is less toxic and cases due to intentional overdose have caused prompt vomiting but the recovery was full. Accidental poisoning in kids has not caused heavy impacts and there are less serious results. Child poisoning can be prevented using common sense. Use of warning labels and childproof packaging can help which are present on many cleaning products and various toxic medicines. This is in one’s hands to make the products out of reach of children if they can harm minors or teens.

Reasons why Nicotine should be legalized?

There have been legal restrictions in the country to buy the vape products and still people are ordering the products from online vape store New Zealand and other stores. This number is growing.

The ban on nicotine should be legalized because this pure form of nicotine has less number of harmful toxins. The government is allowing tobacco cigarettes which are more harmful for the people as well as the environment. The pure form of nicotine is not just used in e liquids but in many nicotine replacement therapies so it should be allowed in the form of e cigarettes as well.

If there are proper regulations under the Australian Consumer Law then the product quality or safety will not be compromised. The sale to kids or teens will be easily restricted and this will ensure proper advertising along with child resistant containers. The black market and sales associated with black market will also be over.

As per a recent study 6 million Europens were able to quit smoking using e cigs  and in the UK 1.3 million smokers are now using e cigarettes. If nicotine will be available legally then Autralians do not have to depend on the vape store NZ or any other country and they can leave smoking for good.

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