Sigelei 100W Review: Hundred Watts of Pure Power

Sigelei 100W Review

20 watts, 30 watts, 50 watts… A HUNDRED WATTS? The manufacturers of electronic cigarette mods recently are putting a lot of work into satisfying the booming urges of people who pursue more and more vapor. And, if your 20 watt mod is no longer suited for your cloud chasing activities, you’re in for a real treat – the mighty and powerful Sigelei 100W, which has already proven very popular and desired in the vaping community.

Sigelei 100W Review


Looks & Design

The Sigelei 100W is a byword for the term “box mod” – it has a very simple, rectangular shape without any unnecessary details. The device has an aluminum casing, and it comes in either black or silver. The design is sleek and minimalistic, therefore it feels very modern. Despite the quite ample size, this mod doesn’t feel too heavy in the hand, but, just like big screen smartphones (or phablets, if you prefer this term), you might need some time to adapt holding it comfortably.

The device features a nice OLED screen – it can display the remaining battery life, power setting, voltage, and resistance of the attached atomizer. It is located on the side – right next to a large and visually impressive firing button, as well as two setting control buttons which are quite solid and certainly do their job.

The back panel is where things start to get interesting. It is held in place by four quite strong magnets, and it can be removed by applying pressure to a specially designed gap on the back of the mod.

Functionality & Performance

When we first get our hands on this device, we instantly noticed how uncomplicated it is to use. Despite the fact that the Sigelei 100w might seem like a device mainly for pros, the display and settings are intuitive and straightforward even for a beginner.

Thanks to two 18650 type batteries, the almighty power of the Sigelei 100W is also long-lasting. Although we didn’t try to vape it on 100 watts all day long, firing on 15-40 watts and very, very intense vaping made it last two full days. It is also worth mentioning that the battery slots have brass contacts, and they sit in place very nicely and firmly. The device, however, lacks a USB charging option, but we’d like to think that this is not really an issue – the large capacity of the batteries, as well as the easily removable magnetic back panel, saves the situation.

We tested out the Sigelei with different tanks, and we were always impressed about the performance. However, the sweetest experience we had was with the Aspire Nautilus – with this setup we were able to produce simply enormous clouds of vapor, and the flavor was also outstanding – all that in every drag.

Another interesting aspect: the large power button is easy to find and press even with gloves on your hands – like we had in our case when we tested it, and we are sure that this is quite an important factor for those vapers who come from northern countries.

Final thoughts

The Sigelei 100W is a mod which gives you a lot of power for a very reasonable price, and therefore it is a must-have for people who are entering the world of rebuildables and very low resistance vaping. It can handle just about any atomizer and always produce huge clouds of vapor – not only to satisfy all of your wet dreams of sub-ohm vaping, but to also impress your friends and, yes, strangers – even from far away. And, despite the quite robust design, after a day of usage the device already feels comfortable in your hand.

Features & Specification

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