Starter’s guide to E-Liquid

Starter's guide to E-Liquid

Whether you are new into vaping or you want to stop traditional cigarette smoking and move into vaping this guide is perfect for you.

With the growing popularity of vaping, understanding e-liquids and e-cigarettes are crucial for anyone intending to start vaping.

The main element of vaping that every starter needs to learn more about is the E-liquid. Without it, there is no vaping. An e-cigarette is a tool you use for vaping.

What is E-Liquid

E-liquid is the content put into E-cigarettes to produce the vapour that Vaping fanatics love. Its vast popularity has earned it multiple names. From Vaping juice, e-juice to E-liquid.E-liquid contains four components; Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG Nicotine and Flavour.

Propylene Glycol is the chemical that forms vapour in e-liquids. It is used to make polyester compounds and in the preservation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The Food and Drugs Administration categorizes it as a safe food additive.

Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand, is organic and made from coconuts and soya-beans oil. VG is used in E-liquids to produce cloudy vapour, and it is natural.

Flavours are used to give E-liquids their authentic smell and in creating varieties of E-liquids. There are many types of e-liquid flavours from Vanilla, tobacco, caramel, mint, and many more. A starter can taste a variety of flavours before settling on a few.

Nicotine is what makes E-cigarettes famous due to its stimulating effect, and it is an excerpt of the tobacco plant. But recently manufacturers of E-liquids have turned to Nicotine salt.

Nicotine salt is lab manufactured with Benzoic acid and has less alkalinity compared to freebase nicotine. Vapers prefer it because of its smoother vaping experience. Freebase nicotine causes a harsher throat hit due to its high alkalinity.

Is E-Liquid Safe?

As more people turn to E-cigarettes, the debate as to whether vaping is safe is increasing. Vaping is now a hobby for both the adult and the youth. Some adults use vaping to reduce cigarette smoking, meaning it is secure compared to the traditional smoking of cigarettes.

Also, the option of having zero nicotine e-liquids makes vaping safer for teens. Another reason to believe that vaping is safer is the zero-emission of carbon monoxide from the e-cigarettes.

How to Use E-Liquids

E-liquids mainly contain two bases; PG and VG. PG is preferred more because it offers a better throat hit, but it is less dense. Excessive amounts of PG in e-liquids can cause allergies, and it is now minimized in the PG: VG ratio of e-liquids.

More VG is used in a mix of the two bases because it is sweater and offers a denser vapour. You can choose an 80:20 PG: VG mix if you want a stronger hit and vice-versa if you want a lesser hit with more vapour.

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