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Vaping in Pop Culture 0

9 Appearances of Vaping in Pop Culture

There’s no denying it: in movies, TV shows and music videos, vaping is slowly but convincingly replacing smoking. And, while e-cig opponents may see it as an attempt to lure the public into a habit of which they should stay away, we think that the pop culture holds a great potential of showing the world...

Celebrity Women Who Vape 1

10 Hot Celebrity Women Who Vape

Take a look at what’s going on with vaping in Hollywood, and check out these stunning celebrity women who vape! These A-class stars all have strong personalities and characters, so they know exactly what they want, and they just go for it. They don’t care about other people’s opinions, they love a nice vape and...

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10 A-Class Celebrities Who Vape

Do you feel lonely or strange when vaping sometimes? Are you often the only one with an electronic cigarette in the bus station, park or on the street? You don’t need to worry much, because at least one million Americans and 300 000 Britons have already switched to electronic vaporizers. Also, there are many...