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E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful 2

The Proof: Why E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful than Cigarettes? [Infographic]

While vaping is becoming increasingly popular, more and more people and organizations state that inhaling e-cigarette vapor is better for your health than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Although that is certainly true, these statements usually are not backed by any facts or evidence why e-cigarettes are less harmful, making skeptics think twice about them. And,...

Vape Store Survey 2015 0

Infographic: Vape Store Survey 2015

With the rapid growth of electronic cigarette industry, one thing is certainly clear: the vaping business is booming. More and more smokers choose to switch to electronic cigarettes, while all kinds of new and innovative vaping related products are being sold both online and in countless brick-and-mortar stores. But have you...