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Different Glass Design for Pipes 1

Glass Pipes, Premium Quality Smoking Accessories

Stoners have been around for centuries & so has the varied & different methods of smoking the stuff. Around the world, people enjoy & have the time of their lives in each different way by smoking their weed in their unique & savage way. With the advancement in technology, there...

buying a vaporizer 0

Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizers

When you visit a large online vape shop like Lux Vapes, you’re going to see a huge selection of vaporizers in just about every size and shape that you can imagine. Having a wide variety of choices is a great thing for an experienced vaping connoisseur, but it may make...

Art of Vaping 0

Finding The Right E-Cigarette: An E Smoker’s Guide Book

In 2018, the global cigarette market stood at US$ 888 Billion, and by the year 2024, it is believed to be worth more than US$ 1120 Billion. Evidently, there’s much proof that smoking is a booming industry. Noteworthy is, however, the fact that the smokers are shifting from traditional cigarettes...