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E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful 2

The Proof: Why E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful than Cigarettes? [Infographic]

While vaping is becoming increasingly popular, more and more people and organizations state that inhaling e-cigarette vapor is better for your health than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Although that is certainly true, these statements usually are not backed by any facts or evidence why e-cigarettes are less harmful, making skeptics think twice about them. And,...

Why Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? 3

Infographic: Why Is Vaping Better than Smoking Cigarettes?

The majority of ex-smokers who have now successfully switched to vaping have one thing in common: they all have at least once asked the same question. And the question is: why is vaping better than smoking cigarettes? Sure, you might have heard some say that vaping is a cheaper and healthier alternative of smoking, but,...

Interesting Facts About Nicotine 2

5 Unheard and Interesting Facts About Nicotine

Happy vapers, smokers wanting to get rid of their nasty habits, as well as major health organizations – seems like everyone is talking about nicotine these days. Most people know that nicotine is a quite harmful substance, and, although it’s not very far from the truth, it’s not all bad...