The 4 drawbacks to using dab rigs as a beginner

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If you are considering using dab rigs for your first smoking experience, this might be a high ask – since the dab rigs typically contain many moving parts, they need to be carefully set up and they require extensive deep cleaning after use, it might be best for beginners to try other items. If you are new to smoking cannabis, more beginner-friendly options could be best for your first-time smoking session.

After all, you wanna make sure that nothing goes wrong during your first smoking session as a cannabis user. For someone new to using cannabis, trying a simpler apparatus – like a vape pen or a pipe – or using a completely different ingestion method – such as edibles – can be the best way to safely try cannabis without any of the unwanted side effects.

So what are the other reasons that dab rigs may be too complicated for beginners? Here are a few reasons why using dab rigs might not be the best option for beginners who are looking to get high, enjoy their cannabis experience, and become regular marijuana smokers.

4 cons of using dab rigs as a first-time smoker

If you’re considering using a dab rig for your time smoking marijuana, we don’t necessarily blame you – after all, this type of mechanism can provide a long, high, intense flavor, and a fun smoking experience with friends! However, if you’re doing this by yourself and it is your first time, using dab rigs can actually be quite complicated and too strong for new users. Instead, we recommend using another type of simpler method that is better for beginners – such as joints, vape pens, edibles, or pipes.

Complicated parts

The first reason why dab rigs might not be the best choice for new smokers is that there are many complicated parts. You will have many moving parts with your dab rigs and you will have to know how to put them together. If you’re worried about the setup process, how you will put together your dab rig, and how you will operate it while you are smoking, then this is not the best option for you.


The second reason that using dab rigs is not good for beginner smokers is that it has a long cleaning process. For those who are not used to cleaning delicate parts and cleaning their smoking accessory after each use, we recommend trying a one-off purchase instead – such as vape pens, joints, or edibles.

Too strong

Another reason why using dab rigs might not be the best option for new smokers is because they might be too strong to use. If you find that you do not want to get too high during your first time, since you’re nervous about the side effects, then consider using another type of smoking method.


The last reason to avoid dab rigs during your first time is that they might be too expensive. If you are not even sure if you will enjoy smoking weed, then you should consider trying a less expensive purchase for your first time.


If you’re new to smoking weed, dab rigs might be too complicated for your first-time use. Instead, consider trying edibles, vape pens, or joints during your first smoking experience to stay safe and healthy!

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