The Best Ways to Store Your Cannabis Stash

Cannabis or marijuana is the most common illicit drug in the world, which is slowly gaining popularity due to its several health benefits. The cannabis consists of three main species- cannabis Sativa, cannabis indica and ruderalis. There are over 120 compounds in the cannabis plant — the most popular of them being tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the pre-eminent psychoactive component of cannabis, whereas CBD is non-psychoactive and has found significant benefits in medicine.

Shelf-Life Of Cannabis

The length of time you can store your cannabis stash will depend entirely on your method of storage. You could potentially save your cannabis indefinitely. However, as time passes, the compounds present in cannabis tend to break down, which affects its quality and potency. A study conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that the THC content will decrease by about 17% if stored for a year. There is a 27% loss in potency after two years; a 35% drop in 3 years, and by four years, the weed is half as potent as it once was. So, you must consider storing your stash in the right manner or instead go for options that allow you to get marijuana growing kits on sale so that you can get fresh stuff whenever you want to smoke it.

Storage Factors That Can Affect Cannabis Quality

Many factors contribute to degrading the quality of your stash when it is stored. Some of these are:

  1. Light

One of the most significant factors that contribute to degrading your cannabis is the UV rays. In the same way that UV rays harm your skin or hair, it burns up the compounds in cannabis resulting in hot, harsh smoke and an unpleasant odor.

  1. Temperature

High temperatures can evaporate the cannabinoids and terpenes and erode cannabis quality. So storing it in a cool, dark place can go a long way in maintaining its potency. However, low temperatures may cause the trichomes to burst and lose potency. It also slows down the process of decarboxylation of cannabinoids altogether.

  1. Air

Another significant factor in cannabis storage is the percentage of oxygen in the air. Excess oxygen can expedite the degeneration process, whereas little can alter humidity levels. It can cause mildew. Temperatures between 77°- 86°F is perfect for molds and mildews to thrive in.

  1. Humidity

The ideal humidity level is to keep cannabis between 59%-63% RH. Humidity affects and enhances color, consistency, aroma, and flavor. RH below 65% reduces the chances for mold to occur, but if it is too low, it can dry out the essential oils in the cannabis and make it dry and brittle. You can use a hygrometer to monitor RH levels.

Some Popular Methods Of Storing Cannabis

Best Ways to Store Your Cannabis Stash


Let us take a look at some of the popular methods used to store cannabis to get a better idea of how to store your cannabis bud.

  1. Vacuum seal

Vacuum sealing is a method that removes air from the packet before it is tightly closed. The principal task is to assure that the stuff you use does not include toxic chemicals. The biggest issue with vacuum sealing is the use of plastic to store the weed. It may also crush the cannabis flowers. However, it is a better method compared to storing weed in plastic bags or zip locks.

  1. Decarboxylation

This process involves heating raw cannabis for a certain length of time. It activates not only the THC but also all the other cannabinoids. The decarboxylation process isn’t just for raw cannabis flower, but it is also useful for kief and marijuana to activate their effects. Using higher temperatures can damage both cannabinoids and terpenoids, so temperatures below 200 degrees Fahrenheit are generally recommended.

  1. Desiccants

For proper storage, cannabis should be thoroughly desiccated before storing it. It can be dehydrated later for smoking by adding a few drops of water or letting it sit in a warm, moist environment for several hours.

4. Gas-Based Storing

In gas-based storing, cannabis is stored in a unique humidification box designed for short or long-term marijuana storage. The box is specially packed so that it is free from oxygen or any other gases that can affect cannabis. Bugs, mold, and mildew can not thrive in a limited oxygen environment.

  1. Violet Jars

Violets jars are the ultimate UV protecting jars for the safe storage of your cannabis.  The special protective qualities of genuine violet glass containers prevent UV light from damaging your cannabis. Thus, ensuring a longer shelf life even for your stored personalized weed.

  1. Silicone Containers

Silicone containers work best with drier extracts like waxes, shatters, and resin. However, if your cannabis is in the form of oils or a liquid form, it may leak out of the silicone container. The same can work for seeds which are easy to store for a long time in these containers. If you are looking to get your hands on these seeds then we suggest you go for a Pot for Pot store for best deals.

  1. As Concentrates

Cannabis can also be stored in the form of concentrates like shatter, tinctures, oils, etc. You may want to check out the quality of oil that you are storing. If you want it to be as good as the top 10 CBD oil available out there, we suggest you check its reviews. For short-term storage, concentrates can be stored in silicon containers away from sunlight. For long-term storage, the most effective option is an airtight container stored in a temperature-controlled environment. However, the best way to store cannabis is in the form of tinctures kept in a sterilized glass dropper. If stored properly, it can last over six months.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Cannabis Storage


  1. Use A Glass Container

Using containers made of neutral elements like glass or ceramic can help to keep your buds fresher for a longer time. For storing buds exposed to light, an opaque glass is the best choice.

  1. Keep In A Cool Dark Place

Store your cannabis out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place like a low cupboard or the basement of your house.

  1. Store Different Stash Separately

Separate your strains to maintain their flavor profiles.

  1. Use Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless steel tubs with airtight seals are an excellent choice for storing cannabis. The metal does not react with the buds and is impenetrable to the outside air.

  1. Date Your Cannabis Containers

If you are storing several containers at a time, it can be challenging to keep track of which ones have been stored the longest. Dating your cannabis stash containers will ensure that you make the most of your stash before it starts to degrade.


  1. Store Your Cannabis In The Refrigerator

Storing your cannabis in the refrigerator will almost certainly result in mold and mildew because of the inconsistencies in humidity and temperature.

  1. Store In Plastic Bags Or Containers

Avoid storing your cannabis in plastic in any form. If you must use it, only use it for short-term storage of cannabis.

  1. Don’t Use A Tobacco Humidor

Most tobacco humidity controllers use cedarwood, which contains oils that can transfer and influence the flavor of your cannabis.

  1. Keep Your Accessories With Your Marijuana

The ash and resin from the burnt bud in your grinders, pipes, etc. tend to linger and may affect the taste and flavor of the stored cannabis. Also, it’s just not that sanitary.

  1. Don’t Store Above Or Around Electronics

Electronic appliances tend to give off heat that can affect the potency of your cannabis.

There is no proper way to store cannabis, the only thing you need to do is maintain a balanced environment. The too dry temperature may comprise quality, too moist and there are chances of moldering. Storing cannabis can get tricky. But if you are able to ascertain and maintain all the factors that may affect your stash, you can safely store it for a period of up to six months.


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Martin B.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.
Martin B.

Martin B.

Ex-smoker, passionate vaper who loves to tell the world about the life-changing potential of vaping. Co-creator of Ecigclopedia with a background in Business & Finance. Prefers a dessert flavored vape and loves to innovate.

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