Tricks To Increase Your Vape Pen’s Battery Life

Tricks To Increase Your Vape Pen's Battery Life

The vape pen battery’s design provides the amount of power you need for vaping. They have a specific range, charging duration, and chargers designed to ensure the battery’s health. After spending your money on the vape pen, you should enjoy the full benefits achievable when you handle the pen cautiously.

Regardless of the size and the price of the pen, one must follow various conditions to ensure the battery lasts longer. Here are multiple ways to preserve the life span of vape pen batteries and make them last longer. This article informs you of some new tips to maintain your vape’s battery life.

How Long Does a Vape Pen Battery Pen Last?

The vape pen battery life depends on various factors, such as the size of the battery. Other factors such as the power of the vape pen battery will also determine how long the battery will last. While purchasing the vape pen, you also need to consider the voltage of the battery. The higher the amperage, the shorter the duration your battery will last.

The usage of the vape pen will also determine how long the battery will last. Using the pen frequently will affect the duration of the battery. Those who vape a lot are more likely to have short-lasting batteries than those who vape once or twice a day. This explains why heavy vapers tend to have multiple vape pens or are likely to charge their batteries frequently. How you handle the vape pen battery can also affect the battery life. Poor charging behaviors ultimately reduce the battery performance, eventually rendering them useless.

Tips for Preserving the Vape Pen Battery Life

uent charging, affecting battery life. Furthermore, when you leave the vape on when not in use, the Vape juice flavors will continue draining its energy, hence the need to turn it off when not in use constantly.

After buying the vape pen and understanding the factors that affect the pen’s battery life, it is essential to know how to preserve the battery to extend their lives.

Turn off When Not in Use

Once on, the battery will always continue to heat, ensure the device is turned off when not in use; this will save the vape pen’s energy and preserve the battery life since it will prevent freq

Use the Right Charger

Vape pen batteries design allows them to use certain types of chargers. The chargers supply the batteries with certain voltage levels. Supply of excess voltage will enable you to charge the battery faster; however, it will affect the ability to last longer. It will interfere with the charging duration and the ability of the battery to retain the power, forcing you to charge frequently.  The excess voltage will sometimes lead to the vape going off without any notification. Use the charger supplied with the vape pen, which is the best for charging it; if the charger gets spoilt, consider buying a new one.

Do Not Overcharge

After discovering the effects of excess voltage on the vape pen, there is a need to understand the vape pen’s charging duration. Every pen’s design allows it to get charged for a particular duration. Charging past the recommended time may destroy the battery modules due to an oversupply of energy. Once it indicates the battery is full, take it out of charging. Charging it longer past the recommended duration will not last long; instead, it will start underperforming. Do not leave the vape pen charging overnight; the best time to charge is during the day to enable you to monitor the charging duration.

Store Them Properly

Following the storage instructions carefully enables the pens’ battery to last longer. The vape pens are to be stored in warm and dry places and away from moisture. Storage instructions instruct on using a cold-resistant pouch, an inner pocket of a jacket, or a bedside drawer.

The vape pen should also be stored when fully charged; storing them when not fully charged affects the modules’ lifespan.

Keep the Battery Clean

Since most people prefer storing the vape pens in the pocket, the fluff, dust, and particles from the pocket may come into contact with the battery affecting it. When the dust clogs around the battery, it affects its connection to the vaporizer leading to the battery getting overdrawn to support the system.  A dusty battery will have to perform more than its capacity hence affecting its lifespan.


Vape pen batteries serve for a particular duration indicated on the instructions. Careless handling affects the lifespan, forcing you to replace them before enjoying the full benefits. Failure to follow the storage and handling instruction will affect the battery’s internal structure reducing its effectiveness. Ensure you have the right charger and charge it for the recommended duration. Once it indicates it’s fully charged, you can store it in a dry place away from cold and vapor.

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