Vape Gurgling: Top 5 Ways to Fix It

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You have two choices for inhaling marijuana – smoking and vaping. Most users feel comfortable with the vaporizing form of experiencing marijuana. The process involves heating the liquid to generate vapor. Unlike smoking, it doesn’t involve any harsh smoke, which makes it a preferable choice.

People often face issues of flooded atomizer coils that hinders the experience. Vape gurgling happens when the cylinder traps the liquid, or there is too much liquid in your atomizer coil not getting vaporized. It creates the gurgling sound from the airflow holes. When the coil engulfs in the liquid, vaporization becomes difficult due to insufficient heat in comparison to the quantity. The gurgling then leads to leaks and spit back.

What causes these atomizer issues?

A vaporizer tank traditional consists of five different parts:

  1. The Base: It is the underneath of the tank that is attached to the battery.
  2. Coil/Atomizer Head: The coil head exists within the base that heats up.
  3. Airflow Tube: It is a hollow tube in the middle of the tank.
  4. Tank: It surrounds the tube and can be made of metal, glass, or plastic. Its function is to store the liquid.
  5. Top: The top comprises of the mouthpiece to inhale.

Malfunctioning in any of these parts may contribute to vape gurgling issues. Here’s a list of common causes and ways to fix them.

  1. Set the Output Wattage Correctly

The output wattage or voltage setting is important. A faulty setup can lead to gurgling and flooding issues. The coil resistance and wattage setting have an opposite relationship. If the resistance is low, the wattage should be high, and if the resistance is high, wattage should remain low. Again if your wattage is low, vaporizing of e-liquid takes time, while your wick is supplying it. If your vaporizer has a variable wattage mode, go up to 5-10 watts. The power output should not be too low when heating the coil. A level within this range may solve your gurgling and flooding issues.


  1. Change the Coils or Wick

Using the coil for a long time makes it susceptible to flooding. When the wick is unable to soak e-juice, it results in improper absorption of the liquid that floods the atomizer. It also happens when you use coil-killing e-juices such as dark-colored juices or dessert flavors. These flavors gunk up the wick and then loses its ability to soak correctly.

Changing the atomizer head that contains the coil and wick for a new one can solve the issue. Or else you can only replace the wick if you are using an RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer). If in case you do not have a new one, rinse under hot water or clean the atomizer head with a paper towel before vaping to solve these troubles.

  1. Fill your Tank Correctly

Tanks come in different designs with varying e-liquid capacity levels. Incorrectly filling any tank size can lead to flooding issues. The airflow tube in the center of the tank runs through the body from base to chimney (drip tip). At times you might get the liquid trapped inside the tube, which results in gurgling and leaking. Do not get the e-juice down the central chimney. Doing so will cause flooding, as it leads directly to the coil.

Take your time to fill the tank appropriately. Use the method of pouring beer in a glass. Allow the juice to run down inside the tank slowly. Avoid the central airflow tube and do not overfill the tank. A tank with fill-holes is easier to fill, but if it doesn’t, it is advisable to keep the juice away from the central chimney. Let the level stay below the air hole or chimney.


  1. Do not Puff Too Hard

Vape flooding can happen when more than required e-liquid reaches the atomizer head. The previous causes show two reasons – either the wick is incapable of soaking the juice properly, or the juice propels to the atomizer head. Another cause might be you are not puffing the right way or puffing too hard. It happens in the case of beginners who tend to take forceful hits. A tight airflow control valve also causes the user to puff hard.

To fix the issue, take soft hits and loosen the air intake. If you are learning to use a vaporizer, remember to limit the fire button and draw from the mouthpiece. Take a few puffs, and when you get the right sensation, you will understand how much force you need. Puffing hard will not get you more vapors. It depends upon the performance of your wick and airflow control. Get a quality wick from an online dispensary Canada or keep the airflow wide open if you wish to inhale hard.

  1. Fix the O-Rings or Loose Tank Connections

Another cause of vape gurgling is a damaged o-ring or any loose connections in the tank. Improper attachment of any component in the tank will leave a gap for the juice to leak. You will have to clear the tank to check the concern. If nothing else is creating issues, this might be the only cause. The problems of flooding will arise in the central chimney area or the atomizer chamber.

Tanks come along with a spare o-ring making it easy for the user to replace broken or missing ones. If you do not have one, o-rings are easily available and affordable. Make sure you find the right size for your tank.


Troubleshooting these issues will give you a smooth experience. Find out some other causes for leakage, spitting, and hot pops. Fix the easier causes first, and if these don’t solve your issues search for the severe ones. You might need to purchase a new tank if all efforts fail.

Vaporizer makers are upgrading the tank designs to make them anti-spit back or anti-leaking. Before the launch of such products, try and sort out your inconveniences to benefit from this alternative to smoking.

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