Vape Pens Are Trending Now! Decoding The Reasons

Whenever there is a talk regarding cannabis, people often look for two things: incredible effects and portability. If you can slide it in your pocket or a handbag, things often get smooth and pretty comfortable for everyone.

That’s how cannabis vape pens became so popular. In fact, the market is growing, and it might cross around $40 billion by 2023. This is why if someone says cannabis is here to stay, it won’t be wrong.

Do you think we are bragging? No, not at all! We’ve rounded up a few reasons why cannabis vapes are trending now. So, let’s find out together.

It’s versatile: This is usually the primary reason why anyone switches to cannabis vapes. The fact that you can take them anywhere makes this option a better go-to solution to your everyday issues. Also, there is no issue of lingering smoke, so you can practically use it anywhere. For instance, it can be your car or even a restroom. You can vape and get on with your life.

Better hits:

When you use a packaged flower, it usually dries out after a while. It’s because the air makes it impossible for the flower to retain its potency. Also, if that’s not the case, this flower loses its potency over time.

But with vape pens, you don’t have any such issue. It has higher potency over a more extended period. Plus, with prefilled cartridges, it gets even more accessible. For instance Weedsly offers THC cartridges in a variety of ways to meet your expectations.

It’s consistent throughout:

As mentioned above, the potency of cannabis flowers gets lost over time. However, there are many variations available. So, you might be thinking you can avoid this. But there isn’t any guarantee. However, with vapes, you can expect consistent nature in identical batches. So, if you want to feel the same after vaping, ideally, vape pens will be a good option for you.

It has many options:

If you like a THC vape pen or a CBD one, you can find many options. Plus, you can even go for your favorite strain. This will allow you to introduce yourself to various choices and find the one that helps you much better.

It is affordable:

This is one of the reasons why vape pens are so popular. You don’t have to put a hole in your pocket. It will cost you anything less than $70 to buy even a good vape pen. Plus, you can easily replace the cartridges at even lower ranges.


Everyone thinks of joints, bubblers, or other tools to smoke cannabis. But as we mentioned above, you’ll lose the potency of cannabis over time. Plus, grinding and making a joint is quite a hassle. Also, you have to burn the cannabinoids for smoking cannabis.

But that’s not the case with vape pens at all. You get all the benefits of cannabis and its cannabinoids without burning it at all. These are the reasons why youngsters are pretty inclined towards it.

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