Vape Pens – What Are They? A Quick Guide to Vaporizer Pens

When people chat about a vapor pen, a vaporizer pen or vape pens, as we mostly know them, they are actually referring to a vast range of different products. So, what exactly are they?

Vape pens are actually pen-like products but work and function just as an electronic cigarette. They contain a heating element, which, being powered by their battery, vaporizes their ingredients. They can heat up to around 400 °F, and this allows their components to fully heat up and produce the pure vapor which protects us from harmful toxins resulting from incomplete combustion in smoke. Vape pens also act as your personal inhaler which can be used on the go.

This article focuses on the finest of these products currently available in the market along with their different types and categories. We have different vape pens to be used with dry herb, e-liquid and oils and waxes. We will be highlighting the features of each one of them giving you all the information you need to shop at Westcoast Vape Supply.

E-Liquid Vape Pens

This is one of the most common forms of vape pen or vapor pen and is largely associated with electronic cigarettes, sometimes also spoken of as an Ego e-cig. These vape pens make use of the e-liquid or the e-juice. E-liquid comes in all forms of different flavors and consists of many subsequent constituents: Vegetable glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and many other flavors.

You can select what level of nicotine you wish to use and conjointly with which flavor and you’ll get some nice tasting e-liquid flavors. Vape pens that use e-liquid became extremely popular over the previous couple of years and they have a very large and attractive category to decide from. E-liquid vape pens are mostly popular with people who try to quit smoking and have already tried and failed with many alternatives earlier. For more info on the best brands of these vape pens, just visit our page at Westcoast Vape Supply.

Vape Pens for Dry Herbs

Some vaporizer pens also are proficient in vaping dry herbs. Dry herbs are being used since hundreds of years for relaxation, meditation and meditative functions. A certain variety of herbs and flowers are dried, then crushed and put into a vape pen which allows them to be vaped. The dry herbs are heated inside the vape pen chamber which actually produces the vapor that we breathe in. This has proved to deliver many different therapies.

It has been very popular in smoking marijuana as well because then, you don’t have to burn the tobacco alongside it as you would be doing when smoking a joint. However, users reported that it also had a stronger effect on them. A study actually suggested that vaping marijuana actually is less harmful than smoking cannabis in the traditional way. Experts have also suggested that vaping rather than smoking is healthier for the lungs as well. Some users were studied after continuous use of vaping after shifting from smoking for a long period of time and they showed significant improvements in the shortness of their breath and were coughing less phlegm.

Vape Pens for Waxes and Oils

Oils and waxes, because are a concentrated form of different materials, they are commonly known as concentrates. Because they are a concentrated mixture, a small quantity of them gives the same outcome as you would get with different alternatives that are not so concentrated, e.g. e-juice pens. However, for them to work best, we also need to ensure that the oil is liquid enough. This is important for complete combustion, preventing the substance to burn itself producing smoke. You can always find the best variety of these oil and wax vape pens at Westcoast vape supply.

V2 EX Series

Being incredibly small and portable, these vape pens are really easy and handy to carry and can be the perfect pocket companions. Moreover, they can be vaped using either e-juices or waxes. It looks and feels just like a mini e-cig, just being 3.9 inches in length, contains a monitor for the battery, and you wouldn’t believe it! It has a lifetime warranty on its battery.

If you are looking for a vaping product which is easier to be carried along and hide, can be used with liquids as well as oils, the V2 Ex series is the product for you. You can also find their complete variety on wax and oil products as well as their cartridges. For more reviews and information on these products, just visit Westcoast Vape supply.

Other Features to Consider

Below are some further factors that need to be very strenuously considered before deciding the perfect vape pen.

Battery Life

There are many options available when it comes to the battery, however all depends on your desired usage. Some products have batteries that last for hours in a stretch, while others have a much shorter life. Depending on how often you intend to vape, you can always find the product that best meets your need.


Vape pens are available in almost all shapes and sizes. You can find the perfect one that is small enough to be concealed within the palm of your hand while also some that may stick out of your pocket. The only factors affected by the size are the capacity of the chamber and the size of the battery. Obviously a smaller pen will not provide the same continuous performance but can be helpful when it comes to concealing.


This is also a feature we consider very important; when you’ve got choices, why not choose. They can be simple black or silver pens to the extensively fashioned ones like the G Pen. There is a large variety of tacky, colorful and sleek products.


This is a product available in a large range of different prices. In fact, you would be surprised at the differences we have alone in prices in the oil and wax range alone. So, here we would suggest that you carefully assess your pocket and go for the product that best fits in your budget.

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