Vaping Indoors: How to Enjoy Vaping at Home or at Work

Vaping indoors is, in general, far better than smoking indoors. The smell of your vape juice won’t stick to your curtains and other soft furnishings nearly as much as cigarette smoke. 

However, if you’re thinking of vaping indoors, there are still some key things to know if you want to enjoy your vaping to the fullest, especially at work.

Are you ready to learn more about indoor vaping? Then read on!

1. Is Vaping Indoors Legal?

While you can vape at home without anyone knowing, vaping in a public area or at work is much more contentious. Sadly, most states regulate indoor vaping quite severely. The only states that don’t regulate indoor vaping at all are Nevada, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.

However, even in these places, private companies can ban vaping on their premises if they like. This means that while you can usually vape in Vegas casinos, it’s not a hard and fast rule.

To make it even more confusing, regulations can also be put in place at the municipal level.

If you want to smoke indoors at work or a bar or restaurant, you should make sure that it’s legal before you take a drag. You don’t want to end up with a fine!

2. Clean Any Glass Surfaces

While vaping doesn’t produce strong smells that stick to soft furnishings and curtains, it does have one problematic side effect: juices that are rich in vegetable glycerin, as you’ll use in vaping mods, can condense on glass, leaving a film and smears behind on the surface.

This happens with countertops, windows, and all other glass surfaces. You can buy special cleaning products that cut through glycerin, and we’d recommend investing in these if you’re going to vape indoors.

3. Vaping Around Pets and Children Should Be Avoided

While second-hand vape isn’t that much of a concern, it can still cause problems for your furry or feathered friends. Animals like hamsters, birds, and even dogs, can have very sensitive lungs, and can become ill if you vape around them.

We’d recommend playing it safe and avoiding vaping around your pets at all to keep them safe. 

You should also avoid vaping around children, especially young children for the same reason, as kids often have more sensitive lungs than adults.

4. Be a Courteous Vaper

If you want to vape around other people, you should be polite and ask them whether they mind if you do so. You would expect the same courtesy from a smoker.

If someone doesn’t want you to vape around them, don’t. Head outside and vape in the open air instead.

Show Common Courtesy and Follow the Rules

Vaping indoors can be absolutely fine or it can be rude. It depends on the location and the context. The best way to get a good indoor vaping experience is by following the rules and showing courtesy towards others: this will avoid any unpleasantness that can come with indoor vaping.

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