What’s the difference between vape Hyde N Bar and Hyde Edge Rave?

Are you looking for a disposable vape that gives a long lasting consistent, smooth flavor? The market is filled with many different hyde disposable vape products, but the most attractive vape products that hype the market are vape hyde n bar and hyde edge rave. Both the vape products are designed portable to hold more e-liquid. Both the vape are perfect with what functionalities they have. But do you want to know those features and functionalities? In the below section, we will differentiate in the specification of vape hyde n bar and hyde edge rave. 

About Hyde Edge Rave Recharge Disposable-

This Hyde Edge Rave vape pod comes in a double-shell disposable container and with transparent layers. The outermost part is transparent, while the inner part is painted with gradient oil. This rechargeable disposable vape pod comes with eye-catchy vibrant colors that immediately make anyone crazy. It shines and perfectly aligns with your taste. Get a variety of flavors that you never experienced before. It hypes the market for it’s rechargeable feature. It has only 50mg salt-based nicotine, but the satisfaction it delivers to your throat is amazing. Take 4000 puffs with just an hour of charging 600mAh built-in battery. Apart from all, getting the LED light with adjustable airflow is easy to use.

About Hyde N-Bar Disposable 

Are you searching for a product that can tailor your vaping experience? This hyde n bar disposable recharging vaping kit offers delicacy along with appearance and performance. The outer layer of this pod is decorated with vivid colors and a cute shape, which is lightweight. To inhale, you will get an ergonomic mouthpiece with this. It is easy to grip this in your hand and convenient to carry. This disposable vape gives 4500 puffs with a 600mAh built-in battery with just one hour of recharging. To get the best taste, try the mixed flavor vape.

Here check the features of the vape hyde n bar and hyde edge rave.

Hyde Edge Rave Disposable:• Bright color combinations with double shell protectiveness• It has 50mg Salt-based Nicotine that gives your throat a relaxed sensation• It has 600mAh Battery power which delivers 4000 Puffs• Get customized airflow system with comfortable LED light• It comes with the Non-refillable Design

Vape hyde N Bar :• This vape bar comes with the cute whistle shape design• It has graceful colors that amaze people • The product gives 4500 puffs with the 600mAh Battery power• Apart from all, get high quality, long-lasting Micro USB Charger 

Takeaway: Do you want to buy the best from the collection of vape products? Both of the products are great. The pricing, quality, ingredients, and specification of the products are approximately the same. There might be some differences in the taste that you can only feel after taking a puff. If this is what you have been craving for the last long. Try this long-lasting, convenient and amazing internal power battery that stimulates your taste bud and gives you a heavenly feeling. Get one for yourself from the vape shop online.

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